Meet Isaac Gleitz

Franklin is ‘the launching pad for my life’

Involved in many things, senior Isaac Gleitz takes on the world one organization at a time.

Gleitz is involved with many things on campus, most notably being the co-executive editor for The Franklin, president of the EARTH club, and in the school band. His reasons are as varied as his involvement.

“I am a co-executive editor for The Franklin because I love developing creative talent. I am the president of the EARTH club because I feel that conservation is the most pressing issue of our time, and that sustainability action serves the future when it starts among youth,” Gleitz said. “I am in the band because music is a passion that guides me through all the uncertainty. It’s also a way to share joy with others.”

Not only that, but Gleitz is a journalism and Spanish double major. In other words, he’s always up to something.

Through his involvement and majors, Gleitz has had a chance to attend multiple events on campus like the National Trauma Journalism Symposium. He has also widened his horizons to learning as much as he can outside of the classroom.

“I interned at ZeroWaste Barcelona last summer, a sustainability nonprofit. It was awesome to see people willing to learn more about reducing their carbon footprint,” Gleitz said. “My storytelling skills and Spanish-speaking ability grew immensely.”

While he is graduating in May 2023, Gleitz has an ideal future path that he has decided to follow.

“My future plans are to travel the world and make a living through learning and sharing those insights with others,” Gleitz said.

Looking back Gleitz choose a school that could do it all, just like he can.

“I followed the trail of my four older siblings who all graduated from here. It seemed to have most of the opportunities I wanted, and I was correct,” Gleitz said. “I will think of Franklin as the launching pad for my life.”

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