Justise Northup ’18

Fresh out of grad school, Justise Northup works as a mental health therapist at the St. Vincent Stress Center. She loves providing children with the emotional support that her Franklin College professors showed – and continue to show – her through the difficult times.

Yet, she almost didn’t come to Franklin College because it was too close to home. The Franklin, Indiana native aspired to experience life outside her small hometown, but she agreed to a deal with her parents that she would stay nearby for one year. Then, she could move to where she pleased.

Justise NorthrupYet, as her first semester progressed, her deep love for the college blossomed. “Once I started to establish my relationships and my connections with my advisor, that was my motivator to stay at Franklin. They almost became like family.” – Northrup

The psychology major graduated in 2018. She reminisces on her college experience with a particular fondness for her professors.

“I was able to create that personal and professional relationship with Dr. Flora where she could keep me on track with school if she were to notice, ‘Hey, you’re maybe getting a little off track. Let’s refocus on what we can do.’ But she was also that person I could go to if I had something in my personal life going on. She became such a significant support system in my undergrad career and even now. She felt like family.” – Northrup

Justise grew so close to Kristin Flora, Ph.D., and her other psychology professors that she turned to them during emotionally trying times. After Justise experienced a significant personal loss, her professors did more than offer due date extensions.

“Dr. Bromley let me sit in her office as I explained things to her and let me cry. But also Dr. Flora – I spent hours upon hours in her office just crying and talking about what was going on. And you could tell they truly cared about their students.” – Northrup

Her professors not only cultivated a lasting personal connection but an invaluable professional one as well. Justise applied to graduate programs, and the pyschology department’s support surged.

“Dr. Bromley, Dr. Flora, and Dr. Rush would take time out of their days to go over additional letters. To get into grad school, you have to write essays, so I would be like, ‘Hey, could you review this for me?’ They would take time out of their days to go over it intensely.” – Northrup

At Franklin, the label “professors” doesn’t do our educators justice. They are mentors,  confidants, supporters and  lifelong friends.