Brittany Brownrigg ’12

Alum Found Family at Franklin

Most Franklin College students have their roots in central Indiana. Alumna Brittany Brownrigg, however, came from a little farther down the road than most.

Born in Colorado, Brittany learned about Franklin College after being recruited to play golf. The chance to play her favorite sport seemed promising enough, but she registered for an overnight stay before fully committing. Once she arrived on campus, she saw more than a college. She saw home.

Brittany Brownrigg“When I came out for a visit I was able to stay overnight and got just such an amazing feeling. being there, you could just tell immediately that it was a tight-knit community.” – Brownrigg

The small familial campus felt crucial for her success, especially as an out-of-state student. She didn’t think the campus saw her as an outsider but as a new addition to the family.

“Being a student that was from out of state, I think there are so many examples of the community of Franklin College surrounding me with so much love that I truly did feel like I had inherited a second family.” – Brownrigg

While the journalism major felt a close bond with the campus in general, her closest connections came from her supportive golf team.

“Playing on the golf team is first and foremost, something I’ll just treasure forever. I will never forget the memories that we shared.” – Brownrigg

Not only did the team help her network and eventually attain her current job at the director of corporate services at Point Energy but also gave her lifelong friends.

After graduating from Franklin College in 2012, Brittany moved back to Colorado. When she and a fellow alum married, she invited numerous members of her Franklin College family.

“There’s a great group photo, actually, from our wedding. We were just so humbled to see all these people flew from Indiana to Colorado for our wedding.” – Brownrigg

Her experiences at Franklin College have shaped Brittany’s entire life. She feels so grateful that she chose the little liberal arts college in the middle of Indiana, knowing if she had gone anywhere else her life would have been drastically different.

“There really isn’t a piece of my life right now that Franklin College hasn’t positively impacted. from, you know, where I work, to my best friends, to my husband, to just my training and networking skills. I really think that Franklin College gave me the tools for success post-graduation, and I can firmly say that I would not be where I am today.” – Brownrigg