Modern Languages at Franklin College

students at table coloring; students sampling food from other countries
Live it and learn it! That’s our mantra in the Franklin College Department of Modern Languages.

Experience language, culture, literature, cinema, and art both inside and outside the classroom with other students and faculty who are passionate about them. Visit museums, attend Fiesta Indianapolis, study abroad in Spain, Cuba, or France, live in the Modern Language House, conduct undergraduate research, and more. Develop your language skills, engage in critical thinking, and build cultural awareness, all of which are essential tools for caring and committed local, national, and global citizenship.

Research shows that studying a foreign language improves mastery of a native language and develops creativity, cognitive flexibility, special reasoning skills and intercultural awareness.

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Departmental Highlights

Why do students choose Modern Languages at Franklin College?

  • Students conduct an independent senior research project.
  • Majors and minors live in the Modern Language House, a community-living, language and culture themed-house.
  • Learners study abroad with a variety of flexible and affordable options, such as France, Guatemala, and Spain.
  • Students complete internships, including the International Center in Indianapolis, the Indiana Latino Institute, and Alliance Française d’Indianapolis.
  • Learners take unique classes involving community service, conversation via internet with native speakers, one-act plays, visual art, and film and literature of the Hispanic and Francophone worlds.
  • A major or minor in French or Spanish complements any other area of study.
  • Daniel Harvey

    Through my study abroad experience, I developed my Spanish speaking ability, but more importantly grew my values as a person. My time in Spain was the most rewarding experience of my life so far. - Daniel Harvey '16

  • Mia Taskey

    The Spanish Department has allowed me to use my foreign language skills in ways that challenge me to be a better student. I’ve had some amazing opportunities, working as a student mentor and translating for my internship with a non-profit organization. These experiences allowed me to see the value of my major in a new way. The department has given me the support and opportunities I need to succeed and contribute to my community. - Mia Taskey '16

  • Atama Abdourhamane

    One of my favorite experiences as a Spanish major was living in the Modern Language House, where I was able to develop my speaking skills in an informal setting through various activities such as cooking, playing games and dancing. Living in the ML House has also allowed me to feel connected to the Franklin College community and to create long-lasting friendships. - Atama Abdourahmane '16

  • Halie Solea

    As a triple major, French is my chance to learn and play! With so many activities and social hours, and especially with living in the Modern Language House, I have plenty of opportunity to get involved and practice my language skills in a comfortable, fun setting. - Halie Solea '17

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Did You Know?

73% of Modern Language majors complete additional majors