Modern Languages Department Mission

The department of modern languages at Franklin College prepares global citizens for active and meaningful contributions, whether at home or abroad, to a diverse and interconnected world.

The opportunities of today’s world call for individuals who embrace language and cultural diversity. Whether you are interested in education, medicine, business, non-profit leadership, conservation, politics, criminal justice, or an array of other fields, the learning experiences we explore through modern languages will be indispensable. Interacting with ideas through art, cinema, literature, personal connections from community and professional involvement, and study abroad helps us achieve a more nuanced understanding of diverse peoples. This, in turn, builds cultural sensitivity and awareness that potential employers, community leaders, and graduate programs value highly, while also fostering independence and greater self-awareness – a sense of our own culture, our own language, who we are, and what we value.

Student-Learning Outcomes

  • Engage with diverse viewpoints, individuals, cultures, and experiences in order to grow personally and intellectually.
  • Develop linguistic fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language.
  • Plan, research, write, and present polished academic research.
  • Apply skills, knowledge, and content beyond the classroom setting.
  • Connect language study with other disciplines.

Modern Languages and the Franklin College Family

Our student-faculty relationship is one of challenge and support. We push students to go further with their language skills starting in beginning and intermediate courses. As learners progress through the intermediate and advanced levels, we delve more deeply into the history, culture, and perspectives of Hispanic and Francophone communities around the world. We encourage and accompany you in critical dialogue about issues of importance to these societies and our own. Majors conclude by completing a year-long academic research project in concert with a faculty mentor. Throughout, we meet with students to address myriad subjects, including class content, skills improvement, major and minor scheduling, study abroad and internship planning, and post-graduation options. Additionally, we offer enjoyable, co-curricular opportunities to build faculty-student relationships, such as our annual immersion day at the Modern Language House and our major dinner for graduating seniors.

Do you want to know more about the department of modern languages? If you have a question, feel free to contact us.