Kristin Wasielewski, Ph.D.

“My true passion and joy in life is helping my French students to realize their potential, and gain the confidence they need to use their language skills and travel abroad.”


Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (French)

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
  • M.A.,University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI
  • B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI

Year Joined Franklin



Study Abroad: Aix-en-Provence, France

My expertise centers around using the communicative method in my classes. Students learn and review vocabulary, and grammatical structures by actually using them in communicative activities, and thus gain more confidence and acquire proficiency more quickly. I teach Intermediate French, and all the advanced level French courses: Advanced Grammar and Composition, Career French: Contemporary French Culture, French Culture Through Film, French History and Civilization, Francophone African Culture, and Francophone Canadian and Caribbean Culture.

Are there any opportunities for me to use my French or Spanish on campus, yet outside of the classroom?

Yes, there are many opportunities for you to use your French or Spanish outside of the classroom, and yet on campus! The college has a theme house, the Modern Language House, devoted to providing frequent French and Spanish programming to our FRE and SPA students. Every semester, almost every week, we offer unique and fun events where students can practice their French or Spanish and learn about different cultures. Our most motivated students can even live in the house, and participate in the planning of events, thereby earning up to two activity credits (one per semester) towards graduation.

I took French or Spanish in high school. If I test into a higher level language class, what should I do? Why would it be advantageous to continue taking language classes at the college level?

There are many benefits to continuing your study of French or Spanish at Franklin College. First, you will earn retroactive credits if you test into FRE or SPA 210 or above. Such credits will be applied to your transcript, which means that you will become a sophomore faster than someone with no advanced placement credits; this means that you will be able to register earlier. You will also have more seniority when it comes to the roommate lottery, which takes place each spring. In addition, if you test into FRE or SPA 210, you will also satisfy the International Exploratory Requirement for graduation, and if you test into FRE or SPA 211 or higher, you will also satisfy the Diversity Exploratory Requirement for graduation.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Director of the French Program
Coordinator for the Immersive Term Course in Montpellier, France 2017
In Fall 2012, I partnered with Residence Life and Dan Alsop in the department of modern languages to create the Modern Language House at Franklin College. I serve as Faculty Director of the house, which houses 3-4 students of each language, French and Spanish, who enjoy living in the house and using French or Spanish outside of the classroom, and planning French or Spanish events for the campus community.

What Students Say

“I credit much of my French proficiency to the carefully individualized support and encouragement I received in Dr. Wasielewski’s class. She does much more than help students acquire degrees; she prepares her students for the world and workforce by improving their ability to think critically and creatively.” – Lacey Jackson’13

In My Spare Time…

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, and traveling to see friends and family in the U.S. and in France.