Tiffany Davis ’15

On big campuses, it can be easy to get lost in a crowd. Attending a smaller college gives students more light to shine, according to Franklin College alumna Tiffany Davis.

“I had a lot of personal growth through college in that it was the first time I really didn’t have someone holding my hand or coddling me. I was definitely a big pushover going into college, a big people pleaser, almost to a point where it was a negative thing. I gained lots of personal growth and learned how to stand up for myself and be a strong person.” – Davis

Tiffany Davis at Riley HospitalLike many freshmen, Tiffany, a biology major, came to Franklin College feeling unsure of herself. Luckily, the college’s ample leadership opportunities helped her realize her potential. “Franklin really helped me to be independent and grow into leadership because it allowed students to get so deeply involved in organizations – probably because of its small size. I held leadership roles in different groups, whether it was in cheerleading or in the sorority world or student congress. I was able to hold leadership roles and really learn how to be independent, organized and professional.” – Davis

Taking the helm of her sorority taught the self-admitted people-pleaser one of life’s hardest lessons. “I was the kind of person that would stress and stress and over stress about every little detail like things that were bothering people. Having the opportunity to lead 80 women, I learned very quickly that you’re not going to please everyone.” – Davis

Her time at Franklin College helped the 2015 graduate grow into the self-assured woman she is today. The opportunities to lead continue to help her in her current position as the Program Coordinator for the Injury Prevention Program for Riley Hospital.

Franklin College offers a big enough spotlight for all students to shine.