Abby Vaughn ’21

Undergraduate Degree/School:

Exercise Science/ University of Indianapolis

Anticipated Year of Graduation from Franklin’s MSAT Program:



La Porte, Indiana

Abigail VaughnWhy did you choose Franklin College (FC) and the FC MSAT program?

When searching for graduate schools, I was looking for a personal close-knit program. I had the chance to talk with a few of the professors and sit it on a class. After those visits, I knew that the FC MSAT program was my next step.



What made you choose athletic training as a profession?

From the beginning of high school, I knew that I was going into the healthcare field. After being involved in athletics for most of my life, I wanted to combine my interest in healthcare and athletics together.

What was most appealing to you about Franklin College’s MSAT program when you were making your decision on where to pursue your post-graduate degree?

I really looked forward to the personal feeling that Franklin had to offer. Franklin also has so many clinical sites being so close to Indianapolis. Those two elements combined, helped make me call Franklin home for two years.

Please describe your relationships and interactions with the Franklin College MSAT faculty.

 I love the personal feel of getting to know your professors and having those personal connections. The professors in the MSAT program really emphasized creating those connections with faculty, preceptors and my classmates. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with them even after I graduate.

What specific clinical experience rotations have you had as part of the MSAT?

I had the opportunity to encounter many different clinical settings, including experiences with Butler University, Whiteland High School, Southport High School, Franklin College football and Southern Indiana Orthopedics.

What do you feel distinguishes the Franklin College MSAT from others?

Franklin College offers so many different clinical sites being so close to Indianapolis, but at Franklin I have developed so many great relationships with my professors and clinical preceptors that I can look to them for professional and personal advice. This has helped me really grow personally and as an athletic training student, and it is something I will take with me going into my career.

How does a master’s degree in athletic training prepare students for a career in the health field?

A master’s degree provides two years of full athletic training classes. Students learn everything from acute care and management of injuries to administrative and professional skills that often happen behind the scenes in athletic training facilities.

What professional development opportunities you have experienced as part of the Franklin College MSAT program and how have they helped you reach your goals?

We have had several instances where we have had guest speakers in the athletic training field come in to speak to our program. A wide number of clinical sites has allowed me to make connections with a variety of health care professionals. As a program we also attend the IATA student symposium as well as the GLATA conference.

Tell us about your experiences with research as part of the Franklin College MSAT program? 

I have learned so much about the research process. The professors in the program did a great job educating us on the research process and really emphasizing the benefits of using evidence-based skills as a practicing clinician! 

You will be taking the Board of Certification (BOC) exam and graduating from the MSAT over the next few months.  What are your goals after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to find a job near the Indianapolis area. However, if I find a job in collegiate athletics, I would love to experience a new city!

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