June 1 Message to the College Community

To the Franklin College community:

This spring semester has been marked by challenge, and I have been proud to point to the manner in which our community rose to the occasion and succeeded regardless.  Sadly, the summer has begun with more challenge as we learned of George Floyd’s unconscionable death in Minneapolis.  The resulting demonstrations have reflected the deep pain and anger among our Black brothers and sisters. 

It is frustrating to be separated from one another at a time when we most want to surround our students, faculty, staff and alumni of color with support and love.  The persistent pandemic has eliminated hugs, even as our instinct is to hold our fellow Grizzlies close.  We hope you all know that your Franklin College family is reaching out to you from a distance to remind you that we are committed to your safety, happiness and success.

The issues underlying the racial divide in our country have deep roots, and our campus is certainly not immune from their residual effects.  Our obligation as a learning community is to engage the tough but necessary conversations which challenge bias and prejudice and together create a stronger, more unified, beautifully diverse nation.  Our purpose is not simply to graduate educated citizens.  It is to graduate leaders capable of and committed to making our communities, our states and our nation more fair, more just and more compassionate.  That potential requires education, to be sure, but it also requires the courage to speak and the confidence to lead.  Those are qualities we strive to help our students develop at Franklin College.  The future of our world demands them.

We will invite, encourage and help lead these important conversations when we reconvene as a community in the fall.  For the moment, know that our hearts are with fellow Grizzlies experiencing pain and anxiety.  Please remember we have outstanding sources of support through the Counseling Center and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.  I hope you will be in touch with them directly.  We are here for you.



Kerry Prather


Kerry N. Prather │ President


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