Immersive Term as a First-Year Student

students touching an elephant

At Franklin College, the month of January is its own term. During Immersive Term, as a first-year student you’ll have another opportunity to individualize your Launch path by taking a single class that examines a contemporary topic. Select your Immersive Term course based purely on your personal interests, and while you investigate a topic like pop culture’s relationship with religion or the rise of feminism in hip-hop music, you’ll do so through a combination of experiences, including:

  • Traditional classroom learning: Read and analyze academic texts and engage in lecture-based discourse with expert faculty and your peers.
  • Hands-on experiences: Participate in non-traditional activities via role playing, debates, workshops, games and more.
  • Off-campus collaboration: Visit museums, parks and even virtual putting greens, or interact with professionals who come to campus to share their expertise and insight.

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