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Training for today’s jobs. Preparation for tomorrow’s opportunities.

As a graduate of the business, accounting, or economics program at Franklin College, you are thoroughly prepared with a competitive skill-set to enter today’s demanding workforce. You will also have a liberal arts education, so you will be able to think critically and creatively, work effectively in teams, and solve tomorrow’s emerging business challenges.

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Departmental Highlights

Why do students choose business at Franklin College?

Internship opportunities
Many chances to engage the workplace, hone your skills and help find what best suits you.

Relevant learning
From textbooks? Sure. Professionally credentialed faculty? Of course. Working in teams of fellow learners? Without a doubt. About real and current business issues? That’s why you will engage in case studies and participate in internships. Practical? Absolutely. You will learn among faculty who have spent significant parts of their career professionally engaged in the subject matter they teach and can share that practical component in every course you take.

Graduates are top performers
Each year seniors take a national business knowledge exam. Business students routinely score in the top 10% nationally. This is convincing evidence of students’ ability to retain and apply business principles and practices. You should expect to score that highly too.

Networking Opportunities
Business, accounting, and economics clubs for students to work and develop in close company with fellow learners. Faculty well connected with employers for internship opportunities. The Franklin College Office of Career Development can help connect students across a wide array of internships and practical career preparation and training opportunities.

Programs that prepare you for the marketplace or graduate school
You choose. Ready to start your career right away? Not a bad idea. Maybe look to earn an MBA later when that learning is even more relevant. Or ready to go on right away to grad school? You’ll have the quantitative, writing, and critical analysis skills that helps ensure your success whatever path you choose.

Integrated, participatory and engaged learning
You will be working in teams; employing the powerful case study method to understand, analyze and recommend solutions; working with real-life data sets; have opportunities for consulting projects working with real clients; and of course relevant internships.

Professional, personal, practical learning and engagement
Expect faculty advisors who care about you and your future goals; who can help you shape those goals, and prepare you to meet them. Learn to expect a lot out of yourself because the faculty will expect a lot out of you. But also expect support as high as the expectations.



  • Griffen Brown

    You did not make my time in the program a cakewalk by any means and I cannot thank you enough for that. You took a vested interest in my success and made sure that I had the tools to find that success, so again, thank you. You had conversations with me about business, life, work and everything in between. You have helped me and provided knowledge that has helped me in every aspect of life. - Griffen Brown '14

  • Ryan Hammer

    I wanted to let you know that I have now passed all of the CPA exams! I really appreciate all of the help and guidance you provided me! I think this accomplishment is further proof of the quality work that you and the rest of the department do for the students. I definitely wouldn’t be here today without all of you. - Ryan Hammer '15

  • Anna Murdock

    I received some exciting news this evening and I wanted to share with all of you! I got invited to Finalist Day for the Orr Fellowship!! I am very excited and could not have done it without all the support, encouragement, and help from each of you- so thank you! Franklin is truly a special place and it is because of people like yourself. - Anna Murdock '15

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Did You Know?

Since 2010, Franklin College business, economics, and accounting students have participated in over 200 internships, and logged over 26,200 hours working and learning in the business community.