History at Franklin College

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Studying History at Franklin College

The history program is an integral part of the liberal arts core at Franklin College. It empowers students to become successful professionals, life-long learners, and global citizens.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why certain events happen, why certain revolutions occurred, or why certain wars were won or lost? Do you think about how our world came to be the way it is? Do stories about people in the past and the present fascinate you? Do you wish to make sense of the world in which we live? Do you want to learn from the past for the future? If so, the history program at Franklin College would allow you to explore these questions, engage in historical research, and present your work publicly.

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Departmental Highlights

Why do students choose history at Franklin College?

The department of history at Franklin College provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the historical developments that shaped the world in which we live.

Students in the history program:

  • gain a broad understanding of historical developments in world history and in U.S. history
  • learn about diverse cultures and communities in local, national, regional, and global contexts
  • analyze the relative merits of different problem-solving strategies in given historical situations
  • participate in public history projects that serve the community and connect them with a broad range of professionals in the discipline
  • engage in original research of historical topics and present them publicly
  • have opportunities to study abroad and complete internships
  • develop a personalized academic plan with a history faculty adviser that often includes double majors, minor fields of study, or related fields

History majors find a wide variety of paths available to them after graduation. Some students begin careers in fields such as education or business, while others pursue graduate programs in history, law, theology, education administration, library science, and political science among others.

  • Karoline Park

    Throughout the past two years that I have been at Franklin College I have really enjoyed being a history major. Not only are the professors highly experienced in their field, but they can also relate to students on a personal level. The history program is like a second home for me and if given the chance to start over I would definitely make the same decision again! - Karoline Park '15

  • Regan Steimel

    The Franklin College history department has let me explore areas that I am truly passionate about. The faculty members in the history department care personally about my education and my life-long dreams. I am thankful to be a part of such a great program. - Regan Steimel '18

  • Mary Foreman

    Although I became a history and American studies major in order to learn about history and related disciplines, after four years of study, I’ve acquired more than just a knack for date memorization. Instead, my history and American studies degrees have taught me how to examine data, analyze problems, and understand cause and effect relationships: in other words, everything I need to know in order to think critically and communicate effectively in the world beyond college. I might someday forget when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but I will never forget the critical thinking and writing skills I’ve gained from my Franklin College education. - Mary Foreman '16

  • Kyle Sauley

    The history department allows students to take courses on a wide variety of subjects. I have learned about cultures all over the world while studying history at Franklin College. Franklin’s location just south of Indianapolis makes it the perfect school to obtain history internships. - Kyle Sauley '18

Meet Our Faculty

Did You Know?

The four tenure-track members of the history faculty at FC have studied or taught abroad in 13 countries on 4 continents.