History Department Mission

The history program at Franklin College prepares students in the liberal arts tradition for life-long learning, professional service and global citizenship.

The Franklin College History Program gives students a well-rounded background U.S. history and also exposes them to Canadian, Latin American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian history. The program also features pre-professional courses on public history and on historical thinking and methods. Senior history majors complete individual research projects that entail archival work, a scholarly paper, and a public presentation.

In history, we do not just examine the lives of people who died a long time ago — we hone reading skills, improve writing skills, enhance research skills, develop analytical skills and foster advanced critical thinking. Future employers know that history provides students with a well-rounded background that enables them to work in a variety of fields both in the private and public sector.

Student-Learning Outcomes

The history faculty is dedicated to ensuring students meet learning outcomes that will enable them to succeed in their careers, communities, and personal lives.

  • Students will interpret and contextualize primary sources.
  • Students will research effectively.
  • Students will communicate historical findings publicly.

History and the Franklin College Family

As a student in the Franklin College Department of History, you will work with faculty to build your program of study. With the assistance of faculty members, students determine what coursework, extracurricular activities, research opportunities, and field experiences will provide the best preparation for their future beyond graduation. From study abroad courses to individualized minors or internships, students find avenues to tailor their educational experience.