Exercise Science Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning for Exercise Science

On Campus

Student who are accepted into the Exercise Science program will participate in the following experiences on campus as part of the course programming.

Franklin Fit
EXE 375 Exercise Testing and Prescription
Students are paired with a Franklin College community member. The community member shares his/her health goals and students select assessments to properly test, prescribe exercise, and motivate the community member to achieve the goals. The student and community member are paired for a semester and meet for a minimum of 10 sessions.

EXE 325 Exercise Prescription for Special Population
Franklin College is partnered with Special Services Johnson County as part of the INSPIRE program.  College-aged Johnson County students with intellectual disabilities spend a year on campus learning vocational skills. The students in EXE 325 are partnered with an INSPIRE student to teach about the importance of health and exercise, help develop an exercise routine, practice fine or gross motor activities, and practice behavior modifications.

Health Fair
EXE 341 Organization and Administration of Health Programs 
Students in this course plan and host a campus-wide health fair. Students choose committees and hold decision making power for what they feel is important to include in the health fair. The students collaborate to manage, budget, market, and host the health fair and increase health awareness to individuals around campus.

Research Project
EXE 401/402 Introduction to Research Method for Exercise Science I & II
Students in EXE 401 will work individually or in a research team to develop research questions, determine qualitative or quantitative methods for data collection, and submit a research proposal to the Institutional Review Board for project approval. In the paired course, EXE 402, students carry out the proposed research, collect data, and present results. Students will finish projects during fall semester and may, if so desired, submit to present research at professional meetings or other off-campus research events.

Off Campus

Students have several opportunities to voluntarily participate in activities or service events off campus. The off campus activities allow students to begin developing their resumes as well as practice the mission of Franklin College.

Fitness Instructor: Motor Activities for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Johnson County Autism Support Meetings
Students volunteer to provide fine and gross motor activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder during the JCASG monthly support meetings.

Dance Partner
Live Laugh Dance
Live Laugh Dance is a program focused on rhythm and movement for adolescents and adults with Down syndrome. Students involved are partnered with an individual with Down syndrome and help provide social and physical support during the program.

Team Member
Top 10 by 2025
Top 10 by 2025 is an initiative within central Indiana. This coalition’s goals is to decrease the incidence of chronic disease and improve health within central Indiana. Students may choose to participate in the work teams for student engagement within the coalition. This is an opportunity for students to gain experience working within the public health realm.


Check back soon to see the exciting opportunities our students have available to them for Internships within our surrounding communities.