Kellie Schmidt

“The most powerful moment of teaching comes when students realize that they possess the power to make change, whether they are inspired by something they read or whether they write something that inspires action. I want to give my students confidence, to show them that they are capable and deserving of greatness, and that their contributions, both in college and to the larger community, matter and make a difference.”


Lecturer of English

Educational Background

  • M.A., University of Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN
  • M.A., University of St. Mary – Leavenworth, KS
  • B.A., Franklin College– Franklin, IN

Year Joined Franklin



First- and second-year composition

What do you hope that students take away from your composition course?

In first-year composition, my goal is ultimately to build students’ confidence in their writing. Too often, students struggle with writing, often because they simply lack confidence in their own abilities. With practice and effort, all students are capable of improving their writing, and if they can see that, their chances of success increase exponentially. Above all, I hope that I can help students stop doubting themselves and instead trust that they can write clearly and competently, no matter the task.

For you, what is the most important sign of a successful class meeting?

I feel that a class meeting has been successful if I have talked less than the students. When students interact with each other, they are able to form their own conclusions, gaining insights into the material by problem solving together. When this happens, students take ownership of the learning process, and the experience is more impactful and meaningful. I am continually impressed by my students’ knowledge and ability to decipher and interpret difficult texts, and I find that if I take the role of facilitator, students will find the answers they are looking for on their own, with the support of their classmates.

What Students Say…

“I had Professor Schmidt for my LA 101 class. Throughout high school, I was always scared to share my thoughts and comments in class, but she made the class atmosphere so inviting for anyone to participate. Professor Schmidt was also always willing to help me revise my paper whenever I had any questions and would help me with any aspect that I was having doubts about. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed LA 101 with Professor Schmidt; she made it so easy to participate and made everyone feel like their comments and opinions mattered and furthered the discussion.” – Haley Lowe ’18

In My Spare Time…

In my spare time, I chase around my three boys and support them in all of their activities; I fully embrace the title of “soccer mom.” Though our busy schedules keep us on the run, I am very much a homebody, so I love nothing more than relaxing at home, playing with Legos, and making art projects with my family.