English and Creative Writing Department Mission

By honing a diverse set of reading and writing skills, majors and minors in English and creative writing recognize the artistic achievements, insights and possibilities inherent in literature in order to create their own meaningful work as they prepare for professional positions, graduate study, and civic engagement.

A vital part of a liberal arts education, studying literature is the process of learning how human beings — from a range of backgrounds, experiences, and cultures — have understood their worlds and their place in it. Studying English and creative writing at Franklin also means cultivating a variety of skills. Our students engage with writers and thinkers old and new, exploring the development of literary forms across a broad swath of time. These skills have far-reaching implications because they develop the type of skills that help students adapt to a rapidly changing job market, whether they encounter the changes right after graduating or years down the road.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students in English and Creative Writing will be able to:

  1.     Read and communicate effectively through creative and expository writing.
  2.     Make arguments about texts using literary terms, techniques, history and movements.
  3.     Access, analyze and synthesize complex information, using diverse perspectives.
  4.     Solve unstructured problems individually as well as collaboratively.

English and the Franklin College Family

Our students and faculty work closely together from the first semester to the last: from the introductory course to the major to the senior capstone experience. They will often travel together to national and international conferences, as well as attend public readings put on by both students and nationally recognized writers and scholars. Franklin’s professors and students also come together for special events, such as our annual holiday party in December. And graduates from English also comprise an important part of the college’s alumni network; these graduates are eager to provide current students with invaluable career opportunities and advice.

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