Pre-Medical Laboratory Science

Download the Pre-Professional Programs Handout (PDF)

Pre-Medical Laboratory Science Advisor: A. Thapaliya, 

Medical laboratory scientists are skilled professionals qualified by education to perform laboratory tests to assist in the detection, monitoring, and treatment of medical conditions. Using a variety of methods, they acquire data on blood, tissue, and body fluids in the areas of hematology, microbiology, immunohematology, clinical chemistry, and urinalysis. They work in conjunction with pathologists and other physicians and specialists. Medical laboratory scientists may work in hospitals, private laboratories and clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and governmental health agencies.

To assist students in pursuing this profession, Franklin College maintains an affiliation with Indiana University (IU) Health’s Medical Laboratory Science Program in Indianapolis. Upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 semester hours (three years) of baccalaureate instruction at Franklin College and the 11-month program at IU Health, the student is then eligible to receive the baccalaureate degree from Franklin College and a certificate of completion from IU Health. 

Graduate Outcome Measures
  • 2021-2022
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Pass Rate: 100%
    • Placement Rate: 100%
  • 2020-2021
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Pass Rate: 100%
    • Placement Rate: 100%
  • 2019-2020
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Pass Rate: 100%
    • Placement Rate: 100%

The medical laboratory science courses that can constitute the fourth year in the three plus one program are: 

Clinical Chemistry (8 hours)                                     
Clinical Hematology (7 hours)                                  
Clinical Immunohematology (4 hours)                      
Clinical Microbiology (8 hours)                                
Education/Management/Research (2 hours)            
Serology/Virology (2 hours)                                     
Urinalysis (1 hour)                                                   

Students interested in this three-year-plus-one-year program should carefully plan Franklin College course selections after consultation with the faculty health professions advising committee. 

The criteria for selection of students for admission to the program include the following: 

  1. Science and cumulative grade point accumulative average of 2.70 (A= 4.00) or better. 
  2. Letters of recommendation. (see application packets for exact details) 
  3. Successful completion of the academic prerequisites listed below with a minimum grade of C-. 
  4. Completed application form. 
  5. Personal interview. 

The application to the IU Health program must be completed by December 1st each year for the program which begins the following summer (mid-August). Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be eligible to take the Board of Certification examination given by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) to become certified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS). 

Academic prerequisites for the medical technology program 

Biological Science: 16 semester hours, including BIO 134, 140, and 373 
Chemistry: 16 semester hours, including CHE 121, 122, 123, 124, 221, 223, and 334 
Mathematics: MAT 135 or MAT 224 

The minimum total of 90 semester hours required for admission to the IU Health program must include all graduation requirements at Franklin College: a departmental major, six immersive term hours, and the liberal arts program requirements. Successful completion of the clinical year satisfies the required internship or senior year experience for the Biology or Chemistry major. 

Tuition and fees for the professional program are handled through the tuition plan at Franklin College. The tuition charged for the hospital portion of the program will be based on the hospital’s contract for fees with the college. 

For additional information, students should consult with the Pre-Medical Laboratory Science advisor at Franklin College. 


Revised 6-21-23