Accelerated Master of Public Health

Download the Pre-Professional Programs Handout (PDF)

Franklin College offers an accelerated Master of Public Health Program (AMPH) in the form of a 3 + 2 combined Bachelor of Arts (3 years) and Master of Public Health (2 years) degree with the IUPUI Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. Upon successful completion of a minimum of 105 credit hours (in three years) of baccalaureate instruction at Franklin College and the core requirements of the Master of Public Health degree (in the 4th year) at IUPUI (15 credit hours), the student will be eligible to receive a baccalaureate degree from Franklin College. After completion of the required credits in the MPH program, the student will then be eligible to receive the MPH degree from IUPUI. 

The MPH core graduate level courses which will be part of the credits that the student will take in the fourth year (1st year at IUPUI) of the AMPH program to fulfill the final 15 credit hours required for an FC Bachelor of Arts degree are: 

  • S500: Social and Behavioral Science in Public Health (3 hours) 
  • H501: US Health care Systems and Health Policy (3 hours) 
  • E517: Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3 hours) 
  • A519: Environmental Science in Public Health (3 hours) 
  • B551: Biostatistics for Public Health (3 hours) 

Students interested in this three-year-plus-two-year program should carefully plan Franklin College course selections after consultation with the following AMPH faculty advisors: Jason Jimerson, Allison Fetter-Harrott, and Kristin Flora. 

The criteria utilized by the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health to select students for admission to the program include the following: 

  1. Cumulative grade point average of 3.50 (A= 4.00) or better. 
  2. Minimum of one year of undergraduate mathematics (MAT/PSY/SOC 224 recommended). 
  3. Minimum of one semester human physiology biology course 
  4. Competent written and oral communication skills. 
  5. Completed application package (contact Dr. Steven Lacy at IUPUI). 
  6. Personal Interview 

The application to the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health program must be completed by July 1st of your third year at FC for the MPH program which begins the following fall. 

Academic prerequisites for the AMPH program: 

Biological Science: At least one semester of Human Anatomy & Physiology 

Chemistry: At least one semester of Introductory Chemistry or higher 

Mathematics: One year of college math including MAT/PSY/SOC 224 

The minimum total of 105 semester hours required for admission to the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health programs must include all graduation requirements at Franklin College: a departmental major, six immersive term hours, and the liberal arts program requirements. Successful completion of a Public Health related internship at FC will satisfy the internship requirements for the MPH program as well. Once students are admitted into the MPH program at IUPUI they will be expected to maintain full time graduate student status (at least 9 Cr Hours per semester) and take the core courses listed above in their first year of the graduate program to allow them to obtain their FC degree at the end of their fourth year in the AMPH program. 

Tuition and fees for the MPH program are paid directly to IUPUI.

Revised 11-23-21