Franklin College Premedical Curriculum

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The premedical course requirements are similar for most medical schools in the United States. The course requirements for the Indiana University School of Medicine are listed below along with the Franklin College equivalent courses. For other medical schools, slight changes may be necessary in the program. The premedical student should consult the catalogs of medical schools of interest or the book “Medical School Admission Requirements” which is published each May by the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Indiana University Medical School required premedical courses (IU requirements) are followed by the Franklin College equivalent for those courses.

Biology: 8-10 hrs (1 year) – BIO 134, 140 General and Cell Biology (8 hours)

General Chemistry: 8-10 hrs (1 year) – CHE 121, 122, 123, 124 General Chem. Lecture & Lab (10 hours)

Organic Chemistry: 8-10 hrs (1 year) – CHE 221, 222, 223, 224 Organic Chem. Lecture and Lab (9 hours)
Biochemistry:  1 course (no lab required) – BIO/CHE 334 Biochemistry

Physics: 8-10 hrs (1 year) – PHY 201, 202 General Physics I & II (10 hours)

Social Sciences:  1 course in each Psychology and Sociology – PSY 117  General Psychology and SOC 118 Introduction to Sociology

In addition to the requirements listed above, Franklin College also offers several courses that would provide important background information for some of the courses taken during the first two years of medical school and for preparation for the MCAT. These courses include BIO 360 (Animal Physiology), BIO 373 (Microbiology), and BIO/CHE 392 (Techniques in Biotechnology and Biochemistry).

The premedical student may select any major field offered by the College. While Biology and Chemistry are selected by a large majority of premedical students, medical schools do not require that a student select one of these majors. However, the minimum requirements listed above must be included in the premedical program, preferably by the end of the second semester of the junior year, since at that time the student usually takes the MCAT.

In addition to the courses required for admission to I.U. Medical School listed above, students wishing to graduate from Franklin College must meet all of the College’s graduation requirements. It is recommended that you check frequently with a premedical adviser to be sure that you are following the correct program that will not only qualify you for admission to medical school, but also one that will allow you to graduate on time.

Pre-Medical  Advisers
Dr. Katharine Harris —

Did You Know?

Since 1980, 85% of Franklin College students who applied were admitted to medical school.