Biology Department Mission

The Franklin College Department of Biology will provide students with instruction and experiences that help them develop a working knowledge of the field and a first-hand understanding of the process of science and its role in society.

We support the broader mission of Franklin College by:

  • Developing independent thinker who learn and practice an empirical, systematic approach to observation and inference.
  • Promoting innovation by developing a robust understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of the living world, the current state of human knowledge, and the emerging frontiers of science (human health, sustainability, etc.).
  • Growing natural leaders with the essential skills of careful observation, collaboration, and communication.

Through engaging courses and practical experiences we help create graduates who:

  • Understand key concepts central to modern biology
  • Can apply the process of science by developing creative questions and executing thoughtful research
  • Are prepared for graduate study and/or a productive career

Science and the Franklin College Family

In our program, you learn science, by doing science.  We are committed to providing our majors with engaging courses, practical research opportunities, relevant internships, and transformative travel. When graduates move on to their next adventure, they are skilled thinkers who are ready to solve real problems and contribute meaningfully to their discipline and the world.