Education at Franklin College Mission

The mission of the Franklin College Elementary Education Program is to prepare future professional educators to be “competent, caring decision makers.”

Franklin College prepares future elementary educators who clearly visualize their roles, meet the demands of an evolving profession, and value learning as a life-long endeavor.

Student Learning Outcomes

Program completers:

  • will have an understanding and awareness of how children learn and develop.
  • will have a broad and comprehensive understanding of instructional strategies for all learners.
  • will be able to develop lessons which demonstrate how to provide a variety of instructional strategies to promote learning opportunities that support critical thinking, intellectual, social, and personal development.
  • will be able to integrate technology into lesson planning.
  • will be knowledgeable about professional resources and how to critically evaluate the quality of the resources.

Elementary Education and the Franklin College Family

Elementary Education majors at Franklin College are active members of the college community. They are officers in student government, peer mentors, student athletes, and members of college sponsored clubs and organizations. Graduates of our program have served as cooperating teachers helping pre-service and student teachers to become competent, caring decision makers.