Elementary Education

The elementary education program is based on a broad general education background. Course and field experiences meet the developmental and content standards for the state of Indiana. Students graduate with a content major in elementary education and will also receive a non-licensure English as a New Language (ENL) minor through their required coursework.

Elementary education majors are prepared to teach many subject areas and meet the needs of diverse learners. They also are prepared to work with students individually, in small groups and in large groups. They learn about the many components that play a role in strong and effective classroom teaching. In essence, the teacher education program provides students with a strong balance of both practical application and educational theory and principles.

Completion of the education program allows graduates to be recommended for initial licensure by the state of Indiana. Education courses begin in the first year with field experiences beginning in the sophomore year. Field experiences are structured to provide candidates with progressive teaching responsibility each semester prior to full-time student teaching and encompass a variety of grade levels and diversity in both school settings and ability range of students.

Franklin College is accredited by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCATE).