Christopher L. Fleming, MBA

“Our job is to teach students the skills needed today and prepare them for the opportunities of tomorrow. This is done by preparing students to navigate the complexities of businesses, forge relationships, embrace change, innovation and entrepreneurship, and solve problems effectively.”


Director of Leadership Studies, Instructor of Business

Educational Background

  • MBA, Rider University – Lawrenceville, NJ 
  • B.A., Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ

Year Joined Franklin



Leadership fundamentals, crisis and change management, supply chain management, consumer behavior

How will the skills I learn in my business courses translate to my career? 

The economics, business, and accounting (EBA) courses at Franklin College help students understand the fundamentals of businesses and train students to know how to solve problems in business settings.  Whether students want to work for a larger organization or a smaller nonprofit, or start a business of their own upon graduation, EBA courses help students understand how businesses work and how to solve critical problems effectively. It is through both the practical experiential learning and face-to-face instruction in EBA that students can thrive in the workplace.

Why Franklin College for a business degree?

Franklin College offers to distinctions from other colleges for business degrees. As the name demonstrates, students learn more than business in the EBA department courses.  Students will learn how different elements of organizations – economics (production and labor), business and accounting – work together to encourage firms to succeed. Second, students will learn business concepts in a liberal-arts environment: graduating students will become both leaders and experts in their disciplines.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

I am a leadership and organizational change consultant for multiple local businesses.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

In My Spare Time…

I enjoy gardening, painting, and spending time with my family.