Steven Scheer, DBA

“I believe my principal role as an educator is to bring context to content. Content shared in a focused and relevant context leads to exploration, revelation and sharing of ideas and perspectives. When this happens in an environment of tolerance and cooperation, then knowledge, understanding, talents, and skills can be developed in ways that ultimately leads to collaboration and cooperation in the classroom, the workplace and the community.”


Associate Professor of Economics and Business

Educational Background

  • DBA, Anderson University – Anderson, IN
  • MBA, St. Francis College – Fort Wayne, IN
  • B.S., Indiana University – Bloomington, IN

Year Joined Franklin



business management, worker motivation, management from the multiple perspectives of for-profit, non-profit, and public administration; applied managerial economics

Will I be prepared to enter the workforce when I graduate with my degree in business?

Franklin College business seniors routinely score in the top 10% nationally in a business skills test. Almost all our business graduates have jobs in their field within a few months of graduation, and many have jobs secured even before graduation.

What internship opportunities can Franklin College offer me?

All Franklin College business students must complete a business-related internship as a requirement for graduation. To assist students, the department of business, in collaboration with the office of career development, has developed a robust list of opportunities, connections and resources that bring business students in contact with businesses and business professionals which results in many business internships.

What educational skills will help me be successful in the business program at Franklin College?

A willingness to engage quantitative skills subjects is important. No need to be a math whiz, but business requires understanding of finance, economics, accounting, and statistics; all of which need sound mathematics fundamentals. When sound business decision-making tools are employed with a solid quantitative skill set, all within the broad-based liberal arts context that promotes critical and critical thinking, business students excel in the workplace.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Selected Scholarship

Author, The A-B-C’s of MGT. for the ORG, 2nd: edition published 2015 by Xanedu, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.
Presenter, Transylvania University Liberal Arts Seminar: “Liberal Arts’ Unconventional Defense Team,” July, 2015, Lexington, KY.
Presenter, Christian Business Faculty Conference: “The linkage of market failure regulation to biblically informed ethical principle,” October, 2015, Virginia Beach, VA.
Research: conducting longitudinal research about long-term concept retention. The research project is intended to research the impact of long-term concept recall of an altered/improved teaching and learning technique. This research emanates from a natural experiment that occurs with Franklin College business students. There is one course taken typically by first-year students, and another taken typically by juniors or seniors. Content presented in the first-year level class is necessary for successful completion of junior/senior level class. This researcher is generally the only instructor of both of these courses, so content delivery in both courses is controlled and measurable. Research is designed to assess the extent of key concept retention from first-year to senior year using a specific content delivery method.

What Students Say

“I always enjoy Dr. Scheer’s courses. He provides an atmosphere that is enjoyable for students while also taking things seriously. This course has allowed me to think critically of a business plan. I feel more prepared to start my own business than before taking this course.” – confidential classroom survey

“Professor Scheer is very passionate about what he teaches and always gives great examples to go along with what he’s teaching, which I appreciate because it helps me understand concepts.”– confidential classroom survey

My Favorite Book

My favorite book is The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers by Robert Heilbroner.