Business Department Mission

Franklin College economics, business, and accounting (EBA) graduates are prepared to engage and contribute as organizational citizens in a fast paced, rapidly changing marketplace that is often filled with uncharted opportunities and challenges. Business success in such a shifting environment requires not only thorough awareness of current practices and expectations, but also the tools and dispositions to launch from the known and current to the new and unfamiliar.

The Franklin College educational experience will transcend mere exposure to facts and theories. Students will develop and acquire content, process and systems thinking that enables understanding across all functional areas of business.

We recognize that content, process, and attitude are diminished without a firm grounding in ethical principles. Ben Franklin called them virtues. Humility, sincerity, and justice are a few. These ethical principles are an integral part of all EBA classes at Franklin College; so students will have, and be able to deploy, solid knowledge and training, armed with a confident yet respecting attitude.

The integration of business and business related courses, firmly grounded, and infused with liberal arts learning will produce business, accounting, and economics graduates with a very practical skill set, capable of adaptation, and poised to see and seize emerging business opportunities.

Student-Learning Outcomes

Through the learning experience here at Franklin College, we prepare economics, business and accounting student so that they:

  • Possess the personal traits their community desires. Learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Through formal education in the classroom, and living and learning in close community with others in an on-campus setting, students will refine and improve their understanding of their place, and their potential contributions to the world. Students will notice an intentional infusing of solid business thought and principles with independent thinking, responsible leadership, and serving with integrity in their communities, their workplace and in the world.
  • Acquire the discipline-specific knowledge their craft expects. Much will be learned in the classroom, and much of that will be leveraged through case studies, simulations, and working with real data sets. All key functional areas of business and the key practical, ethical and emerging issues will be explored.
  • Attain the workforce ready skillset the marketplace demands. All business, economics and accounting students will be completing at least one, and sometimes several, internships. The internship practice is based on the well-respected act-observe-reflect model. Seeing, doing, participating, and then intentionally reflecting and thinking about what was done and learned prepares students to comfortably enter the workforce after graduation.
  • Develop the creative problem solving skills the world desperately needs. Many assignments and projects include working in teams to explore and develop possible solutions to a variety of issues concerning business organizations and the marketplace. Students will also be required to produce creative responses that are generated from careful and deep thought about pressing issues and then writing defensible positions about them.

EBA and the Franklin College Family

It’s pretty simple: High expectations, high support. Just as the marketplace students enter, a lot is expected of them. High value only gets created with dedicated and focused effort. Whether it is in a Franklin College classroom, on-the-job at an internship, or in the workplace, we strive to make each experience a growing and learning experience. Students get one-on-one advising, ready access to faculty, and frankly, the ability to “squirm” once in a while as they get stretched academically, and have their world view challenged.

Expect also to receive career and graduate school guidance. Expect to find faculty that keep connected to Franklin College alumni and prospective employers. And expect a devoted national alumni network that benefits students by providing contacts in the field that advance student learning and career opportunities.

If you are interested in economics, business or accounting at Franklin College, schedule a campus visit with our office of admissions. One of the EBA faculty will meet with you. If you have a question, feel free to contact us.