Art Scholarships

Photograph of people viewing art at Franklin College

Art Scholarships

In addition to whatever scholarships, you may receive from financial aid, you may be eligible to receive scholarship money based on the quality of your art.

The art department awards scholarships up to $3,000 to students based on the quality of their portfolio. These scholarships are renewable annually for up to 4 years based on continued performance and are in addition to any other financial aid or scholarship received. 

Applying for Art Scholarships

To apply for arts scholarships, you must submit a portfolio that meets the following requirements.

  • Submit ten samples of your best work in any media.   In the name of the image please use the following format for each piece : Your last name, Medium of the piece, size in inches)   For example: Cunningham_Oil on canvas_18x24.jpg.  The deadline for the Portfolio Submission is April 1.  Submit digital images via Dropbox or Google Drive to

Deadline for Art Scholarships

All work must be submitted by April 26th in order to qualify. If selected, you will be notified by email by May 1. 


Have Questions?

If you have further questions about applying for art scholarships, please feel free to contact Christine Morris at