Art Department Mission

The Franklin College Department of Art provides individual attention to each and every student and ensures their personal and professional growth to the best of their abilities.

Studying art at Franklin College provides development of creative skills in visual arts and a deeper understanding and appreciation of culture. This is an opportunity for self-discovery which may lead to a great variety of professional paths. As an art student at Franklin College, you will work closely with professors who are experts in their field and willing to be mentors, inside and outside the classroom, supporting your growth as an art professional and helping you discover your unique potentials.

During your studies at Franklin College you will have around-the-clock access to all studio spaces and you will be able to exhibit your work every semester in student art shows. You will meet renowned artists whose art shows and presentations are brought to campus every semester and you will travel with professors to various art museums and galleries. Our best students are awarded with various annual art awards intended to help with the tuition expenses, to support creative projects or to enable students to explore skills particular to their own interest.

Student-Learning Outcomes

The art program allows for two possible tracks, which may be combined in a double major: one primarily focusing on the development of studio skills and the other on study of art history. The goal of both options is to provide exploration of individual creativity in the fields of ceramics, digital fine art photography, drawing, graphic design, and painting while at the same time developing students’ understanding of the major achievements in the history of art.
Learning outcomes:

  • The students will acquire and utilize the skills and the vocabulary of visual communication.
  • The students will be able to identify, analyze, critically evaluate, and create solutions to visual challenges.
  • The students will identify stylistic and thematic characteristics and meanings of major artists and art historical periods.

Art and the Franklin College Family

The art department faculty at Franklin is committed to your success. They are working artists dedicated to giving you the tools to help you meet your goals and dreams. You are not only taught, but also mentored from your first day on campus until well beyond graduation by faculty that genuinely care about you as an individual. From helping you discover your strengths and abilities, to exploring career options, the art department faculty will walk along side you throughout your college experience. We look forward to meeting you and welcome the opportunity to be a part of your education.

Please contact Svetlana Rakic or David Cunningham