Theatre Department Mission

Through curricular offerings and co-curricular productions, the Franklin College Department of Theatre aims to develop students’ appreciation of theatre as an art form by expanding their understanding of theatre in historical and current society, as well as letting students develop their theatrical skills and abilities. Additionally the department serves the college community and the greater community by providing public productions that both entertain and challenge audiences.

The Franklin College theatre program is grounded in the liberal arts. Students take a variety of theatre courses within the college’s liberal arts curriculum. Our size—typically between 5 and 15 students in theatre class—fosters meaningful, close relationships between students and professors — in the classroom and in the theatre.

The flexible theatre curriculum allows students to select a minor in another academic discipline or a second major.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will work collaboratively on creative projects.
  • Students will work individually on creative projects.
  • Students will apply knowledge to a senior internship or research project.
  • Students will use dramaturgical skills in theatrical research.

Theatre and the Franklin College Family

The theatre department is steeped in the college’s liberal arts tradition. By working on theatre productions, students are able to hone creative and critical thinking skills, oral communication skills, as well as the skills necessary to work collaboratively with a variety of people. The department’s flexible curriculum allows students to select a minor, or a second major, and students are encouraged to study abroad.