Scott Russell, M.F.A.

“Everyone has a voice. Through theatre performance, I hope to help students find theirs, explore it, play with it, be vulnerable with it, and discover its strength. When we find our voice, we find our ability to connect with audiences, with family, with friends – in the most authentic way we can – and change lives.”


Instructor of Theatre

Educational Background

  • M.F.A., Acting, University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, Ark.
  • B.S., Biology, Belmont University – Nashville, Tenn.

Year Joined Franklin


How do theatre students grow as actors?

We spend time creating an environment that is safe so students can be brave. We ask students to look at theirselves, to connect with their imaginations and find where they exist within imaginary worlds. We explore the basics of give and take in all relationships, explore what burns in their character’s heart, and experiment with the possibilities that might alleviate that burning need. We find ways to use our minds, hearts, voices, and bodies to communicate feelings, opinions, thoughts, and needs — but most importantly we play play play.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Indiana Arts Commission, Individual Artist Grant, Recipient 2015
2018 Arkansas Arts Council, Sally A. Williams Grant, Recipient 2019
Dueling Arts International, Certified Advanced Actor Combatant
Society of American Fight Directors, Certified Advanced Actor Combatant
Fight Directors of Canada, Certified Intermediate Actor Combatant
Nordic Stage Fight Society, Certified Intermediate Actor Combatant
Society of Australian Fight Directors, Inc., Certified Intermediate Actor Combatant
British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, Certified Intermediate Actor Combatant
Society of American Fight Directors, Theatrical Firearm Safety Certification
American Red Cross, CPR/AED Certification
National Council for Behavioral Health, Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid
Dueling Arts International, Full Instructor
Dueling Arts International, Associate Fight Director
National Michael Chekhov Association, Certified Teacher Candidate
Margolis Method, Level 1 Teacher Candidate

Something My Colleagues Don’t Know About Me

I twice cycled alongside Lance Armstrong in Iowa!