Pre-Law Curriculum

Program Advisors: A. Fetter-Harrott, R. Smith 

Program: Pre-Law 

Students who plan to enter a law school upon graduation from Franklin College may complete any major. Those most prepared for the challenge of law school practice will develop an understanding of the U.S. legal system, its historical and philosophical bases, and issues central to ethical, contemporary practice. To earn a pre-law designation upon graduation from Franklin College, students must complete the following program with the guidance of the pre-law advisors. 

Required courses 
POL 110 American National Government 
POL 275 Law and Politics in American Society 

Category A: One of the following courses 
MAT 181 Discrete Mathematics I 
PHL 210 Logic 

Category B: One of the following courses 
ENG 227 The English Language 
ENG 228 Advanced Composition 

Category C: One of the following courses 
BUS 341 Business Law I 
MMJ/PRL 445 Communication Law in a Digital World 
POL 341 International Law and Organizations 
POL 410 American Constitutional Law I: Powers and Duties 
POL 420 American Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties 

Category D: 10 or 11 semester hours* from the following courses 
Any course listed in Category C above 
ACC 221 Principles of Accounting I 
ACC 222 Principles of Accounting II 
BIO 225 Bioethics 
BIO/CHE 334 Biochemistry 
BIO/CHE 392 Techniques in Biotechnology and Biochemistry 
BUS/ECO 340 Business Organization and Public Policy 
BUS/ECO 360 Labor Economics and Management 
ECO 115 Principles of Economics 
ECO 221 Intermediate Microeconomics 
ENG 333 Shakespeare 
HIS 231 African American History 
HIS 325 History of American Thought 
HIS 332 History of Women in the United States 
LEA 220 Leadership: Foundations, Theory, and Practice 
MAT/SOC 224 Basic Applied Statistics 
PHL 220 Principles of Ethics 
POL 225 State and Local Government 
POL 336 Introduction to Public Policy 
POL 360 Social and Political Thought 
SOC 118 Introduction to Sociology 
SOC 210 Criminal Justice 
SOC 321 Criminology 

*Students who take either BUS 341 Business Law I or MMJ/PRL 445 Communication Law in a Digital World to fulfill their Category C requirement must take 11 hours from Category D. All others must take only 10 hours from Category D. 

Additionally, students may petition the Pre-Law Program Advisors to substitute another course not listed in the catalogue (such as a Topics, Immersive Term, or Independent Study course) to meet the 10 or 11 hour requirement. 

Internship Requirement 
Students must complete at least one high quality law-related internship approved by the pre-law advisors. 

Complete course descriptions for each of these offerings may be found elsewhere in this catalog under the appropriate major headings. Note that some course may have prerequisites. 

Revised 11-23-21