Political Science Department Mission

The Franklin College Department of Political Science prepares students in the liberal arts tradition for professional service and leadership in the public interest.

Franklin College’s political science majors prepare for a wide variety of careers as transformative public servants in many fields, including government, law, journalism, business and education. Toward its mission, the department offers courses in political theory, international, comparative and American politics and law. In the liberal arts tradition, courses encourage personal and professional growth by asking “big” questions together, advancing student communication skills, developing student analytical ability, and connecting disciplines. Students learn by connecting course information and skills with practical problems, experiences and experts in the field. The department offers a major and minor in political science, a minor in international relations and a pre-law track.

The faculty understand that all citizens today must know how the government serves the public in our modern world. And the faculty sees students as individuals. As such, formal course work is based on the philosophy that civic education helps individuals develop greater power as professionals, people and citizens. Small classes and dedicated advisers help students develop their potential toward exciting careers. Students will be prepared for post-graduate pursuits in law school, graduate school and employment in a wide variety of careers.

Student-Learning Outcomes

The political science faculty are dedicated to ensuring students confidently meet expected learning outcomes. Faculty designed the curriculum with an eye to personal growth and successful professional graduate or career placement.

  • Political Science Essential Information: Students will learn, critically assess and apply information essential to citizenship and professional service in the fields of government, law and political science.
  • Field-Based Learning: Students will develop professional competency by applying information and skills to real-world and problem-solving experiences.
  • Effective Writing: Students will write academically and professionally competent research seminar papers.
  • Pre-Law and Graduate School Planning: Students interested in law/graduate school will prepare and execute with foresight and strategy: (1) LSAT/GRE study, (2) requests for recommendations and (3) personal statements.
  • Pre-Law Skills Development: Pre-law students will learn and apply basic principles constitutional doctrine, legal reasoning and professional legal writing.

Political Science and the Franklin College Family

As a student in the Franklin College Department of Political Science, you will have a personalized educational experience. Faculty work individually with students, providing support before they enroll, throughout their time at Franklin College, and even after they graduate. Faculty keep connected to Franklin College alumni, offering career and graduate school guidance. And our devoted national alumni network benefits students, providing contacts in the field that advance student learning and career opportunities.

If you are interested in political science at Franklin College, schedule a campus visit with our office of admissions, and one or more of the political science faculty will meet with you. If you have a question, feel free to contact us.