Scott McDaniel

“I aim to connect with students and help them connect course material with the world we live in. I want students to be comfortable to share their ideas and challenged to think about things differently.”


Chair, Pulliam School of Journalism/Assistant Professor of Journalism

Educational Background

  • M.A., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • B.A., Butler University, Indianapolis, IN;

Year Joined Franklin


Is journalism dying?

No. It’s evolving. Newspapers and traditional media have to adapt to new technology and our immediate access to information, but we will always need to know what’s happening in the world. It’s an essential piece of a functioning democracy. We choose our elected leaders based on their views toward issues in the world, but we learn about the issues of the world through the reporting of journalists.

What even is a journalist today?

Anyone who gathers information, puts it in a newsworthy form, and presents it to the public. You don’t have to work for a media company to be a journalist. You can do it yourself. All you need are certain skills and a desire to dig into the truth of what’s happening around you; capture it fairly with your words, photos, video, or audio; and present it to an audience in an engaging format.

Professional Experience

  • Award-winning newspaper writer, graphic designer, and photographer
  • Named an Ambassador of Shelbyville, Kentucky for journalistic contributions
  • Was a publisher for sports website
  • Covered the poker scene for international Card Player magazine

Something my colleagues don’t know about me…

I’m writing a novel.