Multimedia Journalism Department Mission

The Pulliam School of Journalism prepares journalists to ethically and accurately report the news of the day to an audience that needs the information. Our democracy depends on those in power being held accountable to the people.

Journalists need a solid foundation in the liberal arts to do the job well. A Franklin College education ensures that students are prepared to handle the demands of the profession and to understand the stories they are asked to cover. Journalists must be life-long learners, absorbing information quickly, putting it into context accurately and reporting it ethically. The Pulliam School of Journalism at Franklin College is the place to establish your education and career.

Departmental Highlights

  • Reporting: Students will be prepared to develop sources, to write well, and to consider ethical and legal challenges as they work to accurately report stories that the audience needs to know.
  • Multimedia: Students will be prepared to report stories for multiple media outlets and to address competently the specific needs of those outlets.
  • Storytelling: Students will be able to artfully craft stories to communicate the nuances of events in a compelling and professional manner.

Multimedia Journalism and the Franklin College Family

Franklin College has a long history of helping student journalists prepare themselves to enter the professional field. At the heart of the program is a solid foundation in the liberal arts and extensive opportunities to put theory into practice very early in the student’s career at Franklin. We believe in learning-by-doing as a foundation for the education you need.

Our students are encouraged, indeed, urged, into participating in the publication of The Franklin, the campus newspaper and as freshmen. They are provided with feedback from the editors and the faculty advisors early and often. They join a long line of students that have kept the campus, community and state informed while developing the skills, education and training needed to become competent professional journalists. Join us.