Multimedia Journalism Courses
MMJ 001Student MediaJournalism1Students will work on refining their reporting, writing and editing skills by working across media platforms for converged media that make use of print, audio, video, sound slides and other forms of presentation. Counts as activity course credit. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 002Statehouse FileJournalism1Students will work on refining their reporting, writing, and editing skills by working across media platforms for converged media that make use of print, audio, video, sound slides and other forms of presentation. Work will appear on the Franklin College Statehouse Bureau website,, and with the bureau’s news partners. Counts as activity course credit. Prerequisite: MMJ 001 (can be satisfied concurrently with permission of advisor.) Fall, Spring, and Summer.
MMJ 004Radio StationJournalism1Laboratory course in radio station procedures, operations, and on air broadcasting on WFCI-FM. Counts as activity course credit. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 005TV NewsJournalism1Laboratory course in video production. Students may work on The Statehouse File newscast or other video productions as approved by the course instructor. Counts as an activity course credit. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 007Media ManagerJournalism2All student media managers must enroll in MMJ 007 in the semester(s) during which they manage a student media outlet. Counts as an activity course credit. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 115Reporting, Interviewing, and NewswritingJournalism3FreshmanNULL
MMJ 120Ethics and Professional DevelopmentJournalism2FreshmanAn introduction to basic aspects of professionalism required of multimedia journalists and public relations professionals. Course emphases are on professional ethics codes of journalism and public relations with an examination of case studies; basic concepts and terminology of journalism; business etiquette; multimedia and public relations career options; basics of Associated Press style; resume and cover letter preparation; and internship preparation. Same as PRL 120 and SPR 120. Fall and Spring
MMJ 135Editing for Print and OnlineJournalism3FreshmanThis course introduces students to copyediting, self-editing and fact-checking skills needed to publish stories for the Web, broadcast and print. Same as SPR 135. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 150Intro Digital Photography and Audio ReportJournalism3FreshmanThe course will introduce students to the basic principles of digital photojournalism and video technologies. Students will be introduced to digital cameras (photographic and video), the basics of editing still photographs and the basics of video editing. Students will be required to create content using appropriate gear and prepare it for distribution across multiple platforms as appropriate for the message intended. Same as PRL 150 and SPR 150. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 155Video for Digital Journalism IJournalism3FreshmanThe course will focus on the practices and principles of shooting, editing and distributing video for multiple platforms. Topics include: shooting with cellphones, DSLR cameras and dedicated video cameras; preproduction planning; lighting principles; audio for video, editing video and distributing digital stories through multiple platforms. Same as PRL 155 and SPR 155. Prerequisite: MMJ/PRL/SPR 150 or consent of instructor. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 180Publication DesignJournalism3FreshmanThis course will focus on fundamentals of typography including theory and practice in visual communication. By exploring typography, photography, layout, grids, and the principles of contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and hierarchy, students will create ethical, compelling, and effective two-dimensional designs. Through lectures, projects, and classroom critiques, the focus is on designing publications, information graphics and interactivity. Proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator required or willingness to learn through online tutorials. Same as PRL 180 and SPR 180. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 210Adv Reporting/Database Rsrch to ImmersioJournalism6SophomoreThis course is required as part of the Immersion Experience as students learn to apply the lessons of the classroom to the reporting environment in a professionally-run news bureau located at the Indiana Statehouse. Students will develop their storytelling skills in multi-media formats as they build on their reporting, interviewing and writing skills to explore issues with more depth and range. Central to the course is learning to compile, analyze and use data from a variety of sources in the storytelling process. The students’ work will be published or presented across media platforms through and its newsgathering partners. Course prerequisites are listed in the Immersion experience prerequisites. Fall and spring.
MMJ 255Video for Digital Journalism IIJournalism3SophomoreDesigned to introduce broadcast writing and to enhance opportunities to develop broadcast-style shooting and editing skills. This course adds onto the video skills learned in Video for Digital Journalism I. Students will learn to shoot voice overs, voice overs with sound bites and full packages suitable for broadcast featuring news and sports content. Students will also learn to produce scripts for broadcast delivery, as well as the process of creating newscast/sportscast rundowns. Video studio techniques and procedures will be taught in the PSJ video lab. Distribution of individual stories via social media will be required. Same as SPR 255. Fall and spring.
MMJ 300Topics in Multimedia NewsJournalism3A topic of current interest in multimedia news will be taught. Topics will vary depending on faculty and student interest. Course will be offered upon the request of a faculty member and with approval of the Provost.
MMJ 360Design for the InternetJournalism3JuniorBuilds on fundamentals learned in MMJ/PRL 180 by exploring information architecture and developing visual storytelling for multimedia. Students will learn to plan, gather, analyze, report, and visualize interactive stories. Focus is on visual communication using digital media to create and design interfaces, utilizing type, illustration, image, graphic models, motion, sound, video, interactivity, and navigation. Same as PRL 360. Prerequisite: MMJ/PRL 180. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 380PracticumJournalism1Experience on campus in areas directly related to the media; internships or off-campus on-the-job training. Open only to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 445Communication Law in a Digital WorldJournalism3JuniorStudents will be introduced to First Amendment law as it relates to professional communicators. Topics will include First Amendment theory, libel law, invasion of privacy law, copyright law, news-gathering rights, public relations law and advertising law. Satisfies Civic Learning exploratory requirement. Same as PRL 445 and SPR 445. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 490Multimedia Journalism Independent StudyJournalism1Course is designed to encourage student initiative and to provide a degree of flexibility in the departmental program. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Fall and Spring.
MMJ 498Multimedia PortfolioJournalism0SeniorEach student must develop a portfolio containing a significant and appropriate body of work that, by the time of graduation, demonstrates to a potential employer that the student is ready to make the transition to the professional workplace. Each portfolio also must demonstrate the student’s understanding of linkages among leadership, the liberal arts, and the student’s intended career. The specific format and content of the portfolio is determined by the faculty. Students must enroll in MMJ 498 in fall or spring semester of the senior year. Portfolios will receive either a passing or failing grade by the Pulliam School of Journalism faculty. Deficiencies must be corrected before the portfolio is certified as passing. Same as SPR 498. Fall and spring.
MMJ 499Multimedia Storytelling Senior ProjectJournalism0SeniorStudents will demonstrate and showcase the skills they have acquired through their careers at the Pulliam School of Journalism by creating an in-depth package of stories about a significant public issue that is told from multiple media platforms. Same as SPR 499. Fall and Spring.

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