Data Science at Franklin College

Data science is an emerging and exciting field that seeks to find patterns and trends in the enormous amount of data that is collected every day. Data science is used to provide professionals important insights to make critical decisions in all areas of life, including business, government, healthcare, sports and more.

At Franklin College, students will utilize their data science knowledge and skills to make valuable contributions to their applied fields.”

Download the Data Science Major Handout (PDF)

Data Science Highlights

According to US News and World Report, GlassDoor, LinkedIn, and other job reporting organizations, the position “data scientist” is consistently ranked as one of the best jobs. These rankings consider attributes such as pay, upward mobility, and positive work-life balance. At Franklin, the data science program prepares our students for this challenging and rewarding career.

  • Introductory courses include training in both Python and R, the two most popular programming languages used for data science.
  • The Data Equity and Bias course (DAT 110) ensures that our students learn how to detect potential bias in data and resulting models. Students learn how important decisions made from these models may impact different groups of people in unjust ways.
  • The Big Data and the Workplace (PDP 330) course teaches students how to build predictive models from data and how best to communicate their findings in professional settings.
  • A senior capstone course (DAT 470) brings together all the knowledge and skills that students have gained into a final project in their applied fields. Students in this course complete a comprehensive data science project from beginning to end. Students will define a problem, collect data, visualize and explore the data, and build and evaluate models to analyze the data. Students present their conclusions to professionals in the applied fields.

The Franklin College Difference

At Franklin College, students are required to take liberal arts courses to help round out their education. These courses prepare students for life and careers in several ways. Franklin College graduates can communicate and make positive changes in their workplaces, homes, and communities.