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The games industry is worth more than TV, music and movies combined. Franklin College is building the next generation of digitally fluent game developers to take it even further.

Students who pursue the hybrid game development track within our software engineering major will develop a holistic understanding of game development, from systems and architecture to aesthetic design. You will work in a project-based studio environment while building an incredible portfolio and having résumé-worthy credentials in the Unity game engine. 

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Departmental Highlights

Why should students choose game development at Franklin College?

Real-World Learning

This program features interactive experience developing in the Unity game engine — the go-to resource for small-to-medium sized studios that have developed titles such as Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Stardew Valley, The Bridge, Rocket League and more. 

Students will complete 15 credit hours of work in Unity, learning key principles of game building and systems design, ultimately developing their own fully functioning game as part of their capstone project.

Résumé-Relevant Certifications

Upon graduation, students will possess the necessary skills to obtain the Unity Certified Associate: Programmer certification, critical in landing their first job and giving them a leg up on their competition.

You’ll also be well on your way for the Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer exam with the addition of internships, work experience or game jams.

Project-Based Learning

To simulate a real studio environment, the program relies on project-based learning rather than traditional lectures and exams. You will even produce functional work, including a working game. This is a better test of your knowledge and a more engaging experience. 

Hybrid Learning Advantages

This hybrid program is offered in collaboration with Rize Education to provide access to high-quality instructors and students nationwide. It gives students more scheduling flexibility while simulating a distributed studio working environment.

Because we’re Franklin College, you can count on:

  • Industry-aligned curriculum, updated as technology changes.
  • Best of online learning for game-related coursework combined with our campus experience and support.
  • Adaptable learning experiences with an emphasis on résumé-ready skills.


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Did You Know?

The Unity game engine featured in our game development program powers 50% of mobile games and 60% of AR and VR content made today.