Computing Department Mission

The computing majors at Franklin College prepare students to enter the exciting world of technology by offering hands-on courses that utilize industry-leading skills and tools.  

Computing is a field that is both exciting and rewarding. Top jobs such as software developer, computer systems analysts, and database administrator are in high demand. Computing students from our program are well prepared for these jobs. Leading employers like Cummins, Geico, and DMI recruit and employ Franklin College computing students. 

Computing offers two primary majors: computer science and software engineering. The computer science major provides students with knowledge and hands-on experience in coding using popular technologies and tools. Students in computer science also take courses in computer architecture and design, computer networking, and operating systems. The software engineering major prepares students for software development careers in business, industry, and government agencies. A partnership with Microsoft enables the program to utilize state-of-the-art technologies in the classroom giving our graduates a clear competitive advantage.

In their senior year, computing students analyze, design, develop, and deliver large scale software systems to real-world clients. This is a senior capstone experience that is nationally recognized and held in high regard by companies that recruit and hire our graduates. Employers often comment on how well-prepared our graduates are for the technology jobs in which they are looking to hire. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students majoring in computing learn by doing. From the introductory courses to the senior capstone course, students will learn to analyze, design, develop, and deliver software systems that are meaningful and beneficial to real-life clients. Coding is a core skill that is in high demand. Students majoring in computing at Franklin College develop these skills and become top-notch software developers. The professors use programming languages and tools that are the most popular and widely used tools in the industry. Students benefit by learning how to use these tools and apply them to real-world applications.

The emphasis of hands-on learning coupled with a liberal arts background ensure that students majoring in computing at Franklin College will:

  • understand how to problem solve and to work collaboratively in group settings
  • apply learned skills to analyze, design, implement and deliver high quality software
  • learn new technologies and evaluate their practicality and usefulness in various environments
  • communicate effectively their ideas and solutions to others in their field
  • use their skills to benefit and enhance the lives of others

Computing and the Franklin College Family

Computing majors play an important role in the broader Franklin College family. We realize that technology is an essential and practical component of everyone’s lives. We teach our students not only how to develop software that is useful for people to use, but also how important it is that software development needs to be constructed so that is contributes and enhances the lives of the people who use it. We instill in our students that software is about enriching people’s lives and that it is essential that we do no harm to others. Ethical computing is taught and practiced here at Franklin College.