Global Chats

Global Chat Spanish internships -1

Listen as Franklin College study away alumni chat about their experience in Spain participating in summer internships. Learn more about what led them to a study away experience, what an internship overseas abroad was like, and how their experiences will follow them after they graduate from Franklin College.

This episode is guest hosted by Sara Kinder, Director of Counseling.


Annah Elliott

Meet Annah Elliot ’23.

Annah is in her senior year at Franklin College majoring in Political Science with a minor in History. Annah spent this time this summer interning at Coffee Women, a non-profit organization in Barcelona, Spain. During the internship, she helped to research global concepts that could be integrated into her organization.

“My time abroad was life-changing and challenging all at the same time,” Elliott said.



Nagib Afani

Meet Nagib Afani ’23, a Business Management major and member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Nagib is spending his summer interning at Kalypso, a retro fashion company inspired by the 1950s, in Barcelona, Spain! Nagib is responsible for analyzing website data and looking for areas the company can improve upon.

“The connections I have been able to make during this trip are amazing,” Afani said. “I was able to meet people from all over the world and learn about different cultures. There are so many places where you can go and hang out with your friends. The environment is very friendly, safe, and fun.”



Rebecca Pfeifer

Meet Rebecca Pfeifer ’23, an exercise major and member of the Women’s Swim & Dive team.

Rebecca is spending her summer completing an internship at Instituto Poal de Reumatologia in Barcelona, Spain! Instituto Poal is a rheumatology clinic that directs its work to the treatment of pain in the musculoskeletal system, pain management, and pain prevention.

Her primary responsibilities this summer are assisting with the clinical trial Instituto Poal is currently conducting and observing physiotherapy visits.

“Living in Barcelona has been so amazing it’s hard to choose just one favorite thing,” Pfeifer said. “I really love immersing myself in the culture and seeing all the beautiful sights around the city.”



Global Chat: Ghana

Listen as Franklin College study away alumni chat about their experience in Ghana participating in a medical internship program. Learn more about what led them to a study away adventure, what an internship overseas entailed, and what lessons they have brought to our campus community following their experience.

This episode is guest hosted by Emily Olibo, Director of Alumni Engagement and Campus Partnerships.


Sydney Bostic

Meet Sydney Bostic ’23!

Sydney is one of three Grizzlies who spent a portion of this summer volunteering with and shadowing various medical professionals from the OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Surgery, Ultrasonography, and Emergency Departments at Manhyia District Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana!

“The best part about the trip was immersing myself in the culture and meeting other volunteers from around the world. We had traditional drum circles, bonfires, trips to historical sites, ate traditional Ghanain dishes, gave back to local villages, and even went to church. I learned about the healthcare system in Ghana and how it compares to others around the world. I could post a million photos, but nothing will capture how amazing my experience in Ghana was.”


Sydney Pitts

Meet Sydney Pitts ’24!

Sydney is the second of our three Grizzlies who spent time this summer volunteering at Manhyia District Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana!

Her primary focus was labor and delivery. She had the opportunity to be by the patients’ side through the entire delivery process, assisting the nurses in the unit with whatever they needed!

“Between visiting the children in the school, hospital, orphanage, and village, I could play with them and put a smile on at least one child’s face while there, and that’s what made the difference for me. Just talking to them and giving them the smallest amount of attention made them so happy.”


Morgan Nelson

Meet Morgan Nelson ’23!

Morgan is the third Grizzly who spent time this summer volunteering at Manhyia District Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana!

“My favorite thing about Ghana was the welcoming environment fostered by everyone that I met. From the moment I landed in Accra, I was met only with friendly faces. People would stop what they were doing just to greet one another. I was able to make connections that will last a lifetime!”