MSPAS Admissions FAQs
1. How many students are in each cohort?

Each new January cohort will have 24 students. 

2. What is your admission rate of applicants?

For the 2019 cohort, we had 180 applicants for 18 seats in the cohort, so 10% for that year. 

For the 2020 cohort, we had 350 applicants for 24 seats in the cohort, so 6.8% for that year. 

For the 2021 cohort, we had 435 applicants for 24 seats in the cohort, so 5.5% for this year.

For the 2022 cohort, we had 408 applicants for 24 seats in the cohort, so 5.9% for this year. 

3. What is the application cycle for the PA program at Franklin College?

Application through CASPA opens each year at the end of April and must be in “completed” status by the September 1st deadline. Successful candidates will matriculate in January of the following year. Admissions is on a rolling basis, therefore applying early in the cycle is recommended.

4. How competitive is my application to the PA program?

A minimum cumulative and BCP (biology, chemistry, physics) GPAs of 3.0 is required for admission to the program. However, admission to the PA program is typically more competitive than the minimum. For information on the matriculation statistics of the current class, please see the Mission and Goals page linked here.

5. Can I apply with outstanding pre-requisite courses?

Yes. A student should still apply early in the cycle with in-progress pre-requisite course(s). All pre-requisite course work should be completed prior to September 1st in the year before the January program start. However, an applicant may complete a maximum of 1 pre-requisite course after September 1st. Official transcripts for any courses completed after submitting the application through CASPA must be sent directly to the PA program at Franklin College and demonstrate a “C” or better in the required course.

6. Do you accept course/grade substitutions?

Yes, but only after the application is submitted through CASPA. After submitting the application, an applicant may submit a course/grade substitution by requesting a form from the PA program.

7. What is the preferred undergraduate degree?

As long as the student takes the required pre-requisite courses, any undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited US institution is accepted. No preference is given to one degree over another. Any degree must be completed by December prior to matriculation in January.

8. What is a recommended minor degree to be competitive in the application process?

While no minor degree is recommended or preferred in the application process, the following recommended courses are beneficial to the student in preparing for the graduate coursework.
• Medical terminology
• Cell Biology
• Genetics
• Biochemistry
• Bioethics

9. What is Franklin College’s GRE code?

The Franklin College PA program does not require the GRE so we do not directly accept or consider scores in our application process.

10. Does the PA program require patient care hours?

Yes, a minimum of 200 patient care hours is required. These hours are for the applicant to have experience in a healthcare setting making decisions. Hours are self-reported in CASPA. We do not have a list of preferred professions but instead assess the description of duties listed in CASPA. This requirement will be waived for those applying in 2022.

11. Do you offer preferential admission to your own undergraduates/pre-PA students, or in-state applicants?

Franklin College does not have reserved seats for our own undergraduate or other in-state students. However, the following special criteria are applied:

1 - Franklin College students and graduates are at an advantage in the admission process. Any current Franklin College student or recent graduate (<5 years) that has met all of the standards for admission AND has a CASPA calculated cumulative and BCP GPAs of 3.4 or above will be guaranteed to move onto the interview phase of the admissions process. They are still required to submit an application to Franklin College through CASPA. Any Franklin College graduate that does not meet the above GPA requirement may still apply through CASPA and be considered for admission to the PA program.

2 - Applicants who meet any of the following criteria will receive additional consideration in the admissions process for each criterion met. Students must declare on their CASPA application under the Franklin College section that they wish to be considered.

  • Applicant is a graduate of Franklin College’s Professional Development Certificate Program
  • Applicant is from a medically underserved area or population in Indiana as designated by the Indiana State Department of Health.
  • Applicant is a member of an underrepresented in medicine populations as determined by the American Academy of Medical Colleges.
  • Applicant is a current or former member of the US military.
12. Do you accept applications with foreign degrees?

No, admission to the PA program requires a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited United States institution prior to matriculation. Additionally, all pre-requisite courses must be completed at a regionally accredited United States institution.