Students Selected for 2024 Intercultural Honors Experience Program
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The Intercultural Honors Experience is a competitive program intended to support students in building interdisciplinary learning skills and an intercultural foundation. The four credit-hour course satisfies the international requirement and provides students the opportunity to apply for the IHE scholarship for a semester abroad. Students are expected to present a research paper at a symposium open to the public and must receive at least 80 percent for the seminar. The spring 2024 seminar will focus on the Practices of Healing: Curing What Ails. It will be held on Thursday, May 2.

The students selected for IHE this year will examine the concept of healing through the lens of different cultures. They are also expected to study the antithesis of healing, which is harming. The course will pose the question, “What sorts of harm have cultures felt the need to heal, and how have they approached the healing process?” The instructors for the course are Katharine Harris, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, and Richard Erable, Ph.D., professor of English.

The students who have been selected for the seminar include:

Schyler Altherr is a resident of Pendleton.

Brenna Atchison is a resident of Whiteland.

Zachary Blaine is a resident of Mona, Jamaica.

Nathan Colley is a resident of Franklin.

Skylar Johnson is a resident of Indianapolis.

Emma Jones is a resident of North Vernon.

Olivia Mahoney is a resident of Escondido, California.

Tristan Maloney is a resident of Shelbyville.

Bianca Pielago is a resident of Franklin.

Kendall Potts is a resident of Haubstadt.

Wynn Wellington is a resident of Goshen.

Students wanting to apply for the 2024-25 IHE seminar are required to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Other requirements include: an application, referenced from Franklin College faculty, an entrance exam and an interview. Eligibility is reserved for current first-year, sophomore or junior students at Franklin College.

For more information, contact the Franklin College Office of Communications at (317) 738-8185.


By: Alona Gilpin ’24, Pulliam Fellow

POSTED Feb 1, 2024