students learning to knit

Pivot is the college’s annual on-campus personal development summit that takes place at the end of Immersive Term. As an attendee, you’ll participate in a series of interactive and energizing workshops, honing skills you’ll need to succeed in the real world. Instead of centering on lectures and textbooks, Pivot workshops feature hands-on learning. Don’t just read about cooking – master a new dish. Don’t just study art – knit your first scarf.

As one of the only colleges in the country offering this kind of engaged learning, Franklin College curates a holistic collection of workshops that span four core areas:

  • Professional development: Workshop topics include setting goals based on your strengths, standing out to employers and managing your social media brand.
  • Wellness: Workshop topics include living with stress, getting quality sleep and expressing gratitude.
  • Inclusivity: Workshop topics include gracefully discussing politics and religion, listening actively and leading wholeheartedly.
  • Life-Skills: Workshop topics include learning how to cook, how to dress professionally, changing a tire, how to knit.

Let’s Talk

Your success is our priority and we are always willing and able to serve as a resource for you in whatever way we can.

If you have specific questions, contact the Center for Student Success at 317.738.8334 or email us at studentsuccess@FranklinCollege.edu.