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Launch: Our Distinctive First Year Experience Program

College is the only time in your life purely devoted to self-discovery. Over the next four years, you’re going to learn about your unique strengths, explore your greatest passions and grow in ways you never thought possible. At Franklin College, we know how life-changing these four years are – which is why we created Launch.

Launch is a yearlong program that propels your transition into college and empowers your social, personal and academic growth. While every first-year student will participate in each aspect of Launch, your Launch experience is completely tailored to YOU.

You’ll be intellectually invigorated because you will take courses focused on topics that intrigue you. You’ll be inspired by a personal panel of advisers focused specifically on your success. You’ll get to know your character and the talents that make you different from everyone else. And you’ll have access to every resource and person you could ever need along the way. So buckle up and prepare for takeoff as you get ready to meet your best self, overcome new and exciting challenges and launch your success at Franklin College.

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Your success is our priority and we are always willing and able to serve as a resource for you in whatever way we can.

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