Science Center Features

The new Franklin College Science Center paves the way for the future of undergraduate science education. Franklin is poised to build on its success in educating and preparing students for careers in the sciences.

Our excellence in the sciences demands a facility to match. Our new center will offer greater opportunity for innovative science education and expand research experiences for undergraduates.

The facility has been carefully planned to make the student experience exceptional. The Franklin College Science Center will feature:

  • Nearly double the amount of lab space as compared to Barnes Hall;
  • Collaborative learning spaces, outside classrooms and faculty offices, allowing for casual interaction between students and professors, maximizing informal learning opportunities;
  • Flexible classrooms and lab spaces that can be repurposed as educational needs and paradigms change;
  • Increased visibility of student research projects so students and visitors can see science on display;
  • Enhanced technology to facilitate maximum utilization of web-based resources and distance learning;
  • And an outdoor classroom and open space that accommodates outdoor social activities.

Further, attention has been given to making this building environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Selected sustainability features include:

  • Efficient mechanical systems thru compliance to 2007 ASHRAE 90.1;
  • A rain garden (using indigenous plant material) to handle 100 percent of the storm water; drainage on-site and prevent adding any storm water run-off to the existing storm sewer
  • Use of large windows for natural lighting;
  • LED lighting in 100 percent of the fixtures;
  • Use of occupancy sensors for lighting control to conserve energy;
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint;
  • Sealed concrete floors throughout a majority of the building;
  • Re-use of an on-site tree as furniture in the building;
  • And a dedicated area on each floor for collection of recyclable materials for the entire building.