Groundbreaking Science at Franklin

students in science labWhile faculty at many universities are conducting their own research, students are conducting research at Franklin, with the assistance of faculty. This is a perfect example of our curriculum based on “learning science by doing science.”

We engage students in project-based learning, cross-functional collaboration and research opportunities as early as a first-year student. This is a unique approach to science education, and the new science center will be instrumental in allowing us to put these concepts into practice.

Franklin is known for graduating bright, well-prepared science students with our “learning science by doing science” curriculum. Of those applying between 2006 and 2016:

  • 45 percent went on to graduate school;
  • 79 percent were accepted into medical school;
  • 89 percent were accepted into physician’s assistant programs;
  • 89 percent were accepted into optometry school;
  • 100 percent were accepted into pharmacy school;
  • 100 percent were accepted into veterinary school;
  • And 53 percent started jobs in the life sciences within six months of earning degrees.