Robert A. Bromley

“It is wonderful to see students excited and challenged by something they have just learned, and I really enjoy watching students grow over the course of a semester. I try to make information in the classroom engaging, fun, and memorable. I am also a resource for students to learn more about careers in the counseling profession and working with individuals with mental illness.”


Lecturer of Psychology

Educational Background

  • M.A., Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus – Columbus, IN;
  • M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA;
  • B.A., Franklin College – Franklin, IN;
  • B.A., University of Pittsburgh at Bradford – Bradford, PA

Year Joined Franklin


Is it worth it for me to take a class in psychology if I don’t plan on majoring in psychology?

Definitely! In psychology, we learn about human behavior, emotion, and thinking. You can apply this knowledge to better understand yourself and others in every environment, relationship and role in your life, be it at work, school, home, with friends, parent/child relationships, etc.

What advice do you have for new students in the department of Psychology?

Keep an open mind. The career path you thought you would pursue as a freshman may change dramatically as you learn more about the field, yourself, and your interests.

Also, please utilize the opportunities and supports available to you. There are a wide variety of research opportunities in the psychology department, and this research can help you clarify interests and looks great on a resume! Faculty can also be very helpful in sorting through what you want to do after graduation, and historically, students in the department have been very successful when going on to graduate school. Finally, please utilize faculty office hours. Stop by if you’re struggling in class. Be proactive in addressing any difficulties you may be having, and know that professors are here to help!

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Eiler II, W.J.A., Bromley, J.L., Rush, R. A., & Bromley, B.A. (2022, March 3). Neuroscience for undergraduate psychology programs on a limited budget: Engaging students in the classroom. Symposium presented at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association conference; Chicago, IL.

Bromley, J., Eiler, B., Rush, R., & Bromley, B. (2021, October). Neuroscience on a budget. Symposium presented on-demand virtually for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Annual Conference on Teaching meeting; Louisville, KY.

In my spare time…

In my spare time I am an avid sports fan, and I also like to read, travel and spend time with my family. I love animals, and we have two dogs and two cats.