Returning Student Room Selection


Returning student room selection begins on April 9, 2018 and concludes on April 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm.  The entire selection process is online.  Contact the Student Affairs office at 317.738.8080 if you have any questions or email the Director of Residence Life.

2018 Room Selection Dates and Times:

During the week of April 9th – 13th, Returning Students will select rooms at various times depending on the number of credit hours they have earned.  Here is the full breakdown by day and time.

6:00 a.m.> 11586-9056-6026-30Room Selection Ends at 4:00 pm
9:00 a.m.111-11581-8551-5521-25
12:00 p.m.106-11076-8046-5016-20
3:00 p.m.101-10571-7541-4511-15
6:00 p.m.96-10066-7036-406-10
9:00 p.m.91-9561-6531-35< 6


Important Notes About Room Selection

  • Students select rooms in real time on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If a room doesn’t have a “Reserve” button, it is not available to be selected.  This could be due to someone being in the process of reserving it, you being ineligible for the floor, or the room is being held by residence life (it will be shaded darker).
  • Roommates can accept requests immediately as long as they have completed and submitted a Housing Application.  Roommates will only have 36 hours to accept a roommate request.  If you reserve a space which requires you to have a roommate, you will lose your room reservation and need to select a new room if your roommate does not accept this request within 36 hours.
  • If a senior reserves a suite with three non-seniors and breaks the housing agreement before May 10th, the non-senior students will be removed from this housing assignment and placed on the waitlist for a new room.

Returning Student Room Selection Process

Prior to Room Selection

  1. Register as a full time student (12 credit hours) for the Fall 2018 semester. If you are not full time but you intend to be, you must register for ZIP 009 (future full time) with the Academic Records Office.  This can be done in person or by email.
  2. Ensure you do not have a hold on your account. You can check MyFC to see if there is a hold on your account.  If you have a hold, work with the issuing office to have it removed.
  3. Submit an Accommodations Request by Friday, April 6, 2018 if you plan to request a special housing accommodation for medical or personal reasons. Call or email the Director of Residence Life to receive the required paperwork.
  4. Submit a Housing Application. You must go to and submit a Fall 2018 Housing Application.  If you have never submitted a Housing Application before, you will need to activate your account.  Applicants should apply for housing prior to Friday, April 6, 2018.  Your room selection date and time is visible after you apply and a helpful countdown timer is also provided.  If you do not see a countdown timer, email the Director of Residence Life.
  5. Check for a Countdown Timer. If you do not see a room selection date, time, or countdown timer in the top right of your dashboard, email the Director of Residence Life for assistance.

During Room Selection

  1. At your lottery time, sign in to
  2. Click “Select your Room.”
  3. Select the building you would like to live in and a floor/community in this building.
  4. Reserve a room by clicking the “Reserve” button.
  5. Choose your roommate by clicking “Select Roommate” and enter the student’s name.  An email notification will be sent to the student you selected and they must agree to be your roommate.
  6. Click “Reserve this room” to finalize the process and close this room so it cannot be selected by others.

Housing Options Available

Elsey Hall

  • Ground Floor: Female
  • 1st Floor: Male
  • 2nd Floor: Male
  • 3rd Floor: Female

Hoover Hall

  • Basement: Female
  • 1st Floor: Male
  • 2nd Floor: Male
  • 3rd Floor: Female

Cline Hall

  • Basement: Male
  • 2nd Floor: Female
  • 3rd Floor: Female

Dietz Center (Returning students only)

  • 1st Floor: Co-Ed suites, Gender Inclusive single rooms
  • 2nd Floor: Female
  • 3rd Floor: Male

Johnson-Dietz Halls (Returning students only)

  • A Section: Co-Ed by suite
  • B Section: Co-Ed by suite
  • C Section: Co-Ed by suite
  • D Section: Co-Ed by suite
  • E Section: Co-Ed by suite
  • F Section: Co-Ed by suite
  • G Section: Co-Ed by suite

2018-2019 Room and Board Rates

When you complete a Housing agreement, you agree to live on campus for the full academic year (August – May).  If you plan to only live on campus for Fall Semester,  contact the Director of Residence Life and request written permission to only live on campus for Fall Semester. Cancellation of your agreement after May 10, 2018 will result in a late cancellation fee.

Room Rates (for the year)

  • Regular Occupancy                                             $5,682
  • Double as a Single ($1000 extra/semester)     $7,682

Board Rates (for the year)

Regular Occupancy $5,852
Double as a Single ($1000 extra/semester)$7,682
Board Rates (for the year)
Comprehensive 19 meals/week + $30 Dining Dollars $3,837
Semester 150 150 meals/semester + $100 Dining Dollars $3,837
Limited 10 meals/week $3,495
Immersive Term Board$427

Commonly Asked Questions About Room Selection

  1. When can I select a room? As soon as your designated lottery time arrives!
  2. What if I am busy during my designated selection time? You can select a room after your designated selection time but before 4:00 pm on Friday, April 13, 2018.  The longer you wait, the less likely your preferred room will be available.
  3. How do I select my roommates if I am the first in the room? You do this by clicking the “Select Roommate” box and entering in your roommates’ names.  This triggers an email message notification to them.  It is their responsibility to accept this within 36 hours.
  4. Who can be my roommate? Depending on the building, any eligible Franklin College student of the same gender as you.  If you live in upperclassmen only housing, a new student roommate will not be able to live with you.
  5. What if I am not able to get my first preference? Students should have multiple options in mind when signing up for housing.  A waitlist will begin during room selection week for students seeking different housing options other than what they selected.  The deadline to join the waitlist is 5:00 pm on Monday, April 16, 2018.  At this time, the waitlist is prioritized by earned hours.  Students join first come/first serve after this deadline.
  6. What should I do if I plan to study abroad? If you plan to study abroad during Spring Semester, follow all of the normal steps for room selection.  If you plan to study abroad during Fall Semester, do not sign up at this time.  Students studying abroad Fall Semester need to submit an application for Immersive Term or Spring Semester (depending on when you plan to return to campus).  You will be contacted with a housing assignment prior to the start of the term/semester.
  7. If I am planning on living in a fraternity house for Fall 2018, do I have to go through the Room Selection process? No, each fraternity manages their own room selection process differently.  If you are interested in residing in your fraternity’s house, please communicate with your house director.
  8. If I currently belong to a fraternity and want to live in the residence halls, what do I do? Fraternity members wanting to live in a residence hall should submit a Housing Application.  Prior to room selection, the chapter must verify that 80% of its eligible returning members are residing in the chapter’s house.  If a chapter does not have 80% of its membership living in the house or if it fails to submit this information to the Coordinator of Greek Life, its members will not be permitted to select a room until after all other returning students have been assigned.
  9. What if I want an incoming first-year or transfer student as a roommate? On your housing application, there will be a space for you to add your roommate preference.   You must select a room in a community eligible for first-year or transfer students (Elsey, Hoover, or Cline). If you are having any trouble, contact the Director of Residence Life.
  10. What if I change my mind about living on campus? Students who wish to cancel the housing agreement must do so in writing by May 10, 2018. Cancellation after May 10th, but prior to move-in during August will result in a $500 late cancellation fee.  Breaking the housing agreement after occupying the room but continuing enrollment at the College will result in a 25% early late cancellation fee. Students who want to change a room assignment or roommate assignment may do so in Student Affairs between April 17th – May 9th with approval from the Director of Residence Life.
  11. What is Gender Inclusive Housing? This is a housing option where gender isn’t factored into room assignments and students will share a Gender Inclusive Community Bathroom.  To sign up, check the Gender Inclusive option within the housing application.  This will get you access to an additional selection process on Monday, April 9th for Gender Inclusive Housing.  If you don’t get a room during the Gender Inclusive Housing selection process, you’ll still be able to pick a room during your other selection time.
  12. Can I buy out a room as a double as a single during room selection? No, students who wish to receive a Double as a Single room must contact the Director of Residence Life to be added to the waitlist.  Once new students have been placed in housing, students on the waitlist will be contacted if double as a single rooms are available.