Vision and Mission

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement

The vision of the Center is to be a catalyst dedicated to engaging all cultural communities at FC around the value of diversity. We aim to create an inclusive educational environment where understanding, dialogue, and the free exchange of ideas are celebrated. These efforts will contribute to the development of critically conscious global citizens at FC and beyond.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

The mission of the Center is to support students, faculty/staff and the community be promoting the value of diversity, broadening multicultural awareness, advancing cultural competence and encouraging cross-cultural collaborative relationships through education and advocacy.

  • Erin Moll

    I have definitely enjoyed being in the BOSS Mentoring Program at Franklin College. My mentor, Cindy is amazing and is always there when I need to talk to someone. She even helped me contact someone to do a job shadow and now I am considering elementary school counseling. This program has been very beneficial for me as it has helped me grow and helped me to meet others in the Franklin College community. - Erin Moll '16

  • Raphaela Mueller

    Besides being engaging and fun activities, participating in the ODI-sponsored programs has helped me become aware of my passions – social justice and conflict management – and grow as a person, not just academically, but socially and as a member and leader of student organizations. For that, I am beyond thankful both to Terri and the other wonderful students in the programs. - Raphaela Mueller '16

  • Kiara Patton

    The programs I participate in sponsored by ODI include BOSS Mentoring and the Diversity Task Force. Each of these programs have helped me grow in amazing ways. ODI has exposed me to networking with people working in fields of my interest, while enhancing my team building, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. I appreciate ODI for pushing me out of my comfort zone and stretching me intellectually in ways I never imagined. - Kiara Patton '17