College Ready to Roll Out Reinvented Curriculum, the Pursuit at Franklin College
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Students at InternshipFaculty and administrators have been hard at work for the past year and a half on the most comprehensive curricular reform in the college’s 185-year history. Their collaboration, named the Pursuit at Franklin College, will be implemented in a matter of days when students return to campus for fall semester. 

The Pursuit makes engaged learning an integral part of every student’s Franklin experience.  It leverages many of the best practices already deeply embedded in the college’s liberal arts and sciences curriculum, carries them across every discipline and integrates them into all majors. In this way, the Pursuit immerses students in four years of engaging, cohesive, transformational experiences.

The Pursuit positions graduates to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

“Throughout all of history, we can find examples of how innovative ideas have driven economies and changed the world. Some of the most inspirational innovators are from Indiana, which continues to be a springboard for thinking big.

The Pursuit hinges on six high-impact educational practices:

  1. A robust first-year experience: All new students will participate in a topic-based seminar and will benefit from a subsequent series of workshops, peer interactions and skill-building opportunities, as well as from individualized guidance by trained staff and advisers. Another key element of the first-year experience is a yearlong program called Launch. It is specifically designed for new students and provides resources to help with the transition into college.
  1. A relevant and responsive liberal arts experience: Specially designed courses will help students learn to see the world through a variety of lenses and to understand how values are formulated from different perspectives.
  1. Immersive, applied experiences: Learning will take place somewhere other than in a traditional classroom. The college will expand opportunities so that every student completes one internship, but also, so that every course students take during January’s Immersive Term will be experience-based.
  1. Overt opportunities to use technology:  Whenever possible, both in- and out-of-classroom experiences will involve technology.
  1. Undergraduate research opportunities: Over four years, students will conduct research of an increasingly professional caliber, gaining the confidence and ability to pursue and answer meaningful questions.
  1. Cohesive professional development opportunities: Every major will integrate customized opportunities for a student’s professional development, helping forge their clear vision of the path between college and career.

For more information, contact the Office of Communications at (317) 738-8185.


(Edited Jan. 27, 2020)

POSTED Aug 12, 2019