Students Selected to Join Exclusive Undergraduate Research Seminar
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Franklin College’s Office of Global Education has selected 15 students to fill its exclusive undergraduate research seminar — the Intercultural Honors Experience (IHE) — in spring 2019.

IHE is a highly competitive, one-semester program at Franklin College designed to expose students to international issues and train them in graduate-level research methods. Two instructors selected by the Office of Global Education and former IHE faculty will teach the course.  

Students spend their semester studying a topic proposed by the instructors, culminating into a semester-long research project of the student’s own design. At the end of the term, students will present their findings at a public, campus-wide symposium.

Those who achieve at least an 80 percent in the seminar are eligible to apply to the IHE scholarship to fund a semester abroad. IHE alumni have the potential to secure funding for 90 percent of the costs required for a semester outside of the country through this opportunity. 

The incoming class includes the following students:

Kauaii Canada ’20, daughter of Ms. Winnifred Canada of Monticello.

Alexis Cheatham ’21, daughter of Riley and Jill Cheatham of Indianapolis.

Gavin Collier ’21, son of Chris and Lori Collier of Avon.

Allison Davis ’22, daughter of Marcus and Krystal Davis of Indianapolis.

Anissa Edwards ’22, daughter of Alison Edwards of Wilbur and Travis Edwards of Helena, Montana.

Madeleine Farrell ’22, daughter of Patrick Farrell of Saint Paul.

Allie Jones ’20, daughter of Eric and Marcia Jones of Salem.

Carolina Puga-Mendoza ’22, daughter of Eleazar and Violeta Puga Chavez of Fishers.

 Makalynn Schmidt ’22, daughter of DeWayne and Maleta Schmidt of Morgantown.

 Hope Shrum ’22, daughter of Keith and Mary Shrum of Spencer.  

 Abbey MacPherson Stolen ’21, daughter of Steven Stolen and Rob MacPherson of Indianapolis.

 Bayleigh Walker ’20, daughter of John Walker of Plainfield and Melissa Williams of Shelbyville.

 Bradly Wehus-Tow ’21, son of Clinton D. Tow of Erie, Colorado and Julie A. Logan of Erie, Colorado.

 Madison West ’19, daughter of Charles and Angel West of Lawrenceburg.

Applicants secured their spots in October after submitting an application of interest, two letters of recommendation and a pre-course exam.

Jennifer Cataldi, director of the Office of Global Education through the college’s new Center for Exploration, said the current IHE class includes the most upperclassmen in the program’s history. Eighteen students applied to the class in total.

Cataldi is in her sixth year as the program director and coordinator. She noted that each academic year, the students who attend Franklin College demonstrate an increasingly accurate awareness of global issues. This, she added, creates the opportunity for uniquely advanced and complex research projects through the IHE course.

“Students are now coming to the college yearning to expand their horizons through global education,” Cataldi said. “This is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves, as the program allows them to really consider a variety of global topics.”

The new IHE class will compare and contrast cultural standards of beauty in a course titled “In the Eye of the Beholder: Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Beauty.” The class topic was devised by Franklin College Department of English Chair Susan Crisafulli, Ph.D., and Kristin Flora, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology and division head for social sciences.

The annual IHE Symposium is scheduled for May 3. A student presentation schedule will be available next semester.

For more information, contact the Franklin College Office of Communications at (317) 738-8185.


Written by: Erica Irish ’21


POSTED Jan 23, 2019