College Becomes Test-Optional for High School Seniors and Reduces Tuition Deposit Amount
Campus News

In an effort to assist students applying to college during the coronavirus outbreak, Franklin College has announced two immediate changes designed to help prospective students.

Since students are currently unable to take the traditional SAT or ACT standardized admissions test, Franklin College has moved to a test-optional admissions approach for all high school seniors for the remainder of the current school year (2019-20). Students applying to Franklin College will be assessed on the strength of their high school academic record and recommendations. Other factors in the admissions decision include personal statement/essay, extracurricular involvement and leadership experience, and demonstrated interest in the college through visits to the campus or other interaction with Franklin College staff.

Moreover, in light of the financial impact of the ongoing crisis on many families, Franklin College is reducing by half the college’s standard tuition deposit fee. Students entering as part of the Class of 2024 may now secure their spot in the class with a deposit of $100 rather than $200.

“Franklin College has a long history of making personal connections with our students, and those connections result in a level of care which is unique,” said Andrew Hendricks, acting vice president of admissions and financial aid. “As a parent, I appreciate how much Franklin College cares about my child. Our recent decision to reduce the tuition deposit and initiate temporary test-optional admissions standards reinforces the care we offer to all within the Franklin College community.”

Franklin College reminds interested students that the FAFSA application deadline is April 15. This is an important document that determines the level of federal financial aid each student is entitled to receive. Another important deadline is May 1 – the college’s enrollment deposit deadline. Meeting this deadline ensures students will receive the full amount of financial aid possible as well as priority with class registration and residence hall assignment.

Students are encouraged to learn more about the college by taking a tour from the comfort of their own home by visiting: Franklin College admission counselors are always available to talk, text and video chat. For contact information, visit: or call (317) 738-8075.

For more information, contact the Office of Communications at (317) 738-8185.

POSTED Mar 26, 2020